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  1. Forgot one more thing - I checked with a few friends owning Indigos - while the build quality complaints are real, the Tatas seem to be focussing real hard on after-sales service. He is very pleased with the attention that he gets from Tata Motors - he gets a call soliciting feedback after every service and they ensure that the dealer keeps you happy. This focus might be particularly enhanced considering my city - Pune
  2. Guys, Thx for the responses so far. Innova is a good bet. Scorpio is decent, but I think Innova is better. Ford Fusion is OK, but I would rather have a stationwagon/MUV. Balena Altura is a good thought, but it is being discontinued - so not favoring it. Versa is not good on FE or looks. My real intent was getting a discussion on newer launches. I searched thru AutoCarIndia news site and found the following: * Logan MCV, as Sujith mentioned - later in the year and quite unattractive. * Swift saloon version - interesting, but still not a Station Wagon. * Indigo compact - not good, I would want a larger Marina if possible.
  3. In the current market, I have zeroed in on Indigo Marina. I have read zillions of reviews and have come to accept the possibility of poor service and build quality. The low initial cost and the promise of a good mileage (my sister gets 20+ on highways) draws me to this choice. Question is, what new launches in 2008 can I look forward to, before I finalise? Pls keep in mind my above choice, so do not suggest a Touareg or Tiguan. I would to spend upto 7-8 lac. I am a Maruti fan Thanks.