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  1. Hi, I am using a Ford Figo for 2 years and few months. I have repaired my car arround 25 times in Kairali Ford service centre in Kottayam and kochi in Kerala. Here are the details of the faults 1. Faulty Break system started repairing from 3000km and still i am running with the same fault. Now it is 56000km. Even they certified in written that there is no break fault. But it's still there. Even they know. 2. Vehicle cuts off while driving. Started long back, they tried to find out what is is and they couldn't. They certified in written that there is no fault with the car. Again I had the same issue. Then they took my car for 9 days and repaired. 3. Compressor getting blast. Six times repeated the same fault in 45 days. Even it is happening in the very next day I repaired my car for the same compressor fault. It's really strange and the people really don't bother for this customer issues. Even I have contacted ford India and the senior people from Kairali. But I felt that it's all useless people. I have all the document to support what I am saying. Pls advise me for this. Remeshkall Joseph 09495970475