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  1. Whats your Budget - 20/30L Kms driven monthly - 500-1000KM Bodyshell - Sedan/SUV City/Highway split - 95:05 Max No.of Passangers - 2-3 most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - normal (and an Enthu son:D) Ownership - Outskirts Safety: anything Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/Passenger Comfort (Yeah, I want everything in a car :\) Hi guys! I am very confused about which car to buy, and I'm looking for some expert suggestion. I need to replace my 7-year old Hyundai Verna 1.6SX Diesel. My budget is umm well around 20L or 30L. I already have a SUV (XUV5OO), but it is very unreliable. So, we first planned on buying an SUV itself. I checked out the Toyota Fortuner and the Audi Q3. The Fortuner, while big and bad, feels kinda overpriced to me. The Q3 S, on the other hand, has cramped rear seats. Then, my family had a change of mind, and now we can settle in for a sedan as well. The Fortuner and any other big SUV is ruled out for now, since they don't fit in my garage and this is a necessity for me. The Q3 S does. My family consists of 4 people, but its rare that we all travel together in the same time. We have a driver who will be driving primarily, with me and dad maybe driving on Sundays. I liked the A3, but again, the rear seats of the car are cramped. I don't mind going for the Audi Q3 as well, but I am not sure if the 'Sports' edition is a good buy. What are the maintenance charge that I am looking at? I was kinda shocked to know that the Audi Q3 S lacks a climate control system. Even my 7-year old Verna has climate control man. Now, my budget of 30L does not mean that I cannot settle in for a cheaper 10 or 20l car. I obviously can. In fact, if I go for a sedan, I don't think my dad will spend more than 20L on it. Ideally, I would have gone for the Hyundai Elantra, but it does not seem like a popular car, which translates into poor resale value down the line. As for my requirements. The car should be comfortable and a pleasure to drive. I don't want Automatic transmissions or even AWD since it will will be mainly driven by my driver. As you can see, I am very confused about which car to buy. The fluctuating budget 20L (for sedan) and 30L (for mini SUV) does not help either. Any help would be really appreciated. P.S.: I started reading Autocar magazine 7-8 years back. From this magazine, I came to know about tech magazine, which completely changed my life. Will always love the magazine, the people, and the website.
  2. So I recently got a XUV500. My driver complained about poor visibility with the stock lights on the highway, so dad decided to get HID light installed in the car. Problem - While the low-beam HID lights work fine, during the high-beam there is a shadow right in the middle of the light. The reason of the shadow is the daytime running lamps like found on Audi cars on the XUV500. At least this is what the shopkeeper told me. Due to this, visibility is affected heavily especially on highway. What I want to know is, whether the shopkeeper is right or not? The issue does seem genuine to me, but I am a noob in all this. The shopkeeper tells me he can install some all season light instead of this HID, in which the shadow issue will not exist since the light will be yellow in color. Any help from any Autocar forum member will be appreciated. If anyone here lives in Kolkata and can help me with this issue, I will greatly appreciate it. Don't wanna screw my XUV500 due to a shopkeeper. :\