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  1. buddy do one thing get the gulf can for lubricating the chain .you apply it like deodrant. just spray on the chain.or buy putoline no fling chain is safe for o ring chains also.if yuo have the no fling oil then you can remove the chain cover also.they say we dare you to fling the oil off i use the putoline chain spray i will also say the same thing there is no way it will fling. happy riding.
  2. ok buddy try to get him under 50 for everything.and make sure he is good mechanic.happy riding
  3. hi there the money that guy is asking is to much for the bike in this condition you get a bike in punjab or chandigarh for about 20k.if he is asking for 80k for full restoration is he going to give u all parts genuine.i am afraid he will not.dont buy it look for something else or give him only 20k.