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  1. No, running in Neutral does not effect your engine in any way, although it is a popular misconception that running the car in Neutral saves fuel which is not true, when you let your car run in neutral the engine keeps running on its own and hence burns some fuel, whereas if you need to slow down then instead of shifting to neutral you should rather gearshift downwards, in this case the engine instead of running on its own is run by the momentum of the Car hence consuming Zero fuel, this you can verify from someone who is having a skoda or the likes which come with a real time mileage indicator.
  2. Go for the swift Dzire only if you can wait for the car for atleast 6 months, coz according to a story in Economic Times, Maruti has still not fulfiiled the bookings that it accepted in April. So given the circumstances Fiesta seems to be the best option.
  3. i dont understand the kind of negative hype that media creates just to get the TRP ratings, suddenly they become the cops and then the judge and than announce the verdict, why is it that the bikers fault is ignored, a few days back they were saying that there were no witnesses, and now media is claiming that they discovered a few eye witnesses
  4. Hey Guys, I want to change my Cielo's Shockers ( all the Four ) and i am not sure about which Company's Shockers to use, can anyone suggest me some good Shockers other than KONI which have a comfortable ride quality for daily potholed city driving, Also does anyone have any idea about the "Monroe Gas-O-Matic" shockers?
  5. Sorry to Inerrupt you, but neither Gas Kits can be fitted in a Diesel Engine.
  6. Toyota Corolla, What else! Probably the Best Alround Package in that Budget. Performance + Class + Ride + Handling + Built etc.
  7. 185/65 R13 would be Perfect for your Esteem, as the overall diameter will reduce by almost 2mm and 10mm increase in tread width will not cause any harm to your car, so go right ahead.
  8. I would suggest you to check out the Diesel Verna once again, as these days it is nothing more than a myth that Diesel Car service is expensive, it is not so, Performance and Refinement are class leading and being a Hyundai you will get all the necessary service backup, the only drawback would be the Initial Price Premium that you pay for a Diesel Car.
  9. I would also suggest Corolla, as it suits all your requirements such as Driving Dynamics, Resale Value, Ergonomics etc, And yes there is a variant that will fit your Budget.
  10. Yes, you can, but you will face severe road noise problems as you will have to fit low profile tyres, as for the size, you will have to check with the dealers, i have seen people getting their Getz fitted with tyre size upto 205.
  11. I think it Ultimately comes down to the mileage that you are looking at travelling.
  12. Yes, initially there was Ambiente Variant and was placed between Rider and Elegant Variants but was discontinued in 2004-05 not exactly sure about the year. What you have read as new must be something like 'brand new condition etc.'
  13. Let me put a question to all of you. If you were in the Company's / Dealer's place what would have been your reaction to the Problem that i described regarding the Radiator fan Failing under normal city driving conditions within NOIDA within 25 months of Car purchase. Mind it, i still am pretty happy with my car.
  14. For a first time buyer your Budget is Pretty Good, Since you have made up your mind for a small car i would suggest you check out the Suzuki Portfolio for the ease and cost of maintenance, Hyundai is also a pretty good option. Talking about the cars Suzuki- Swift (P), Zen are good because of peppy drive.
  15. You Guys Missed Out the whole point, the point was not the Car components failing as soon as the Warranty expired, But the 'Cold shoulder treatment' by the Company to Failure of such Critical Components in a car rated so High on standards.