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  1. Isn't Audi's existing saloon range quite coupe-ish already? I think the A6 has quite a sleek roofline, if not the A8. They should just make all their standard saloons four-door coupes, since rear headroom is becoming overrated in the light of the Global Financial Crisis (because people won't be able to afford chauffeurs very soon). I think this is an unnecessary niche for Audi to explore. BMW perhaps? Although the Hoffmeister Kink + four doors might be difficult to integrate. And yes vibhor, I agree, the age of the handsome 7-series is over.
  2. I think it is the most insanely wonderful looking car in production right now. A must if you're the kinda guy who likes to have a crowd following your sports car rather than a V8 exhaust note - because then you wouldn't drive it much, would you? But that isn't to say it isn't fun to drive, obviously, and from what i've read in magazines and over the internet, it's quite the opposite of that. So you'd enjoy it even if you aren't a poser. All hail the gods of Quattro.
  3. It just seems like another variant of an already good car. Is it really any better than the Z06? I'm sure it's more expensive (anyone know the price?), and, yes, it's got a bit more brake horsepower. Is it balanced like the Z06, an all-round good drive? Quick, Autocar, road test it, pretty please...?
  4. motorjedi = Elle (my old-school Honda City VTEC) - - compact, a bit of a punk in need of discipline at times, ever so full of pep, reliable as ever, a bit old school, good at getting through crowds, belongs on Indian roads, quite intelligent (VTEC system or my brain), dark (she's painted black), temperamental at times, wing on the back (ok, just kidding) a bit fidgety and could go on forever and ever... Understandably, I'm never selling her...
  5. Definitely looks larger, but I guess that's the trend with all new versions of cars, they just keep getting bigger don't they... but I doubt it will grow too much, since it's going to be a 'supermini' competing with the likes of the Vauxhall (Opel to us) Corsa in Europe.
  6. Now I have no particular problem with the current Fiesta's design, in fact I think its one of the cleanest in the segment; makes the Aveo, with all its chunkiness, look hectic. It is a bit dull though, I will concede. Wouldn't turn the head of a tennis referee. But would you look at this beaut'! All this while the Fiesta was a cheap little supermini in Europe and wasn't treated with much design love as a result. Now, as can be seen from the links up there ^, the new Mondeo's (another car I'd like to see here very soon please) Kinetic Design philosophy, shown on the original Verve hatchback concept, has grown a butt, and will be the formula for the Asian (yes, very racist of them, i know) Fiesta. To be a little biased myself, I wish Ford Europe had a little more influence on Ford USA (Two separate Focuses? Come on! You know which would be uglier...) This could be a good thing or a bad thing for the final car, because lets face it, most of the time, production cars look several times less spectacular than their concepts; more so when the car's an economy hatchback, like the Fiesta is in Europe. So will the "Asian" version strip the style right off the stunning Verve concept? I sure hope not, especially since its positioned quite a bit higher than the Euro cheaphatch. I think it would mean huge sales increases for the fun-to-drive Fiesta we have now... Bring it on Ford. motorjedi2007-11-21 15:26:28
  8. Dodge, though the viper gets a different logo...
  9. Obviously we aren't talking about bringing back the exact same Sierra. It will have to be new and far improved, possibly positioned a rung higher than the Safari. I liked it's wide stance and chunky proportions, the Safari seems overtly tall and narrow in comparison. Panel gaps and build quality would have to improve to incorporate something like the glass bay windows of old, I'd prefer regular windows and a glass panoramic sunroof. The 2-door 5-seat config was nice, they should stick to it. ABurner was right about the 3.5L DiCOR, it should be good for at least 200bhp? (Ok, wishful thinking) And please, a glovebox that doesn't slam open at every speedbump...
  10. The BMW M5. Because once the kids have been dropped off at school, you can still shame pretty much anything else on the highway. And besides, I don't think performance saloons need more than 500bhp anyway. 550bhp E63AMG or 580bhp RS6, pointless. Though I suppose I'd change this opinion once the next M5 comes along (twin turbo 4.4V8??) hmm?
  11. Passat... Look at it this way, slightly narrower than a Merc C-class, and front wheel drive. That's about all it has against it. It's better equipped, decently matched on power and just as (if not more) luxurious than the C-class, 3-series or A4. And it costs 10 lakhs less!!! If ever there was value for money....
  12. Yes, agree with afterburner, when there's that much money too be spent solely in the name of flashiness (and not actual performance, though it has 650bhp), I'd sooner put it down on a Reventon than a Veyron. Yes, 5 times as much as a 'regular' 'Lago for a few wierdly-shaped digital monitors, 10bhp and a body that doesn't even reflect radar... it doesn't seem worth it, but look at the thing! It's like StarScream from the Transformers film transformed halfway and then stopped coz he looked cool enough. Makes the Veyron look like a potato...
  13. I can't wait. I hear they've ditched the V10 for a twin-turbo V6, but have still managed to push 500+ bhp from the thing. A ditch I'm more happy about is that of the name 'Skyline', it's become a bit... queer. And that it's targeting things bigger than the 911 Turbo. It's quite cool and very Japanese the way they're building hype for the car using videogames. Sony's Gran Turismo 5 will feature a covered up version in the demo (prologue), like the pic above and EA's NFS:Prostreet demo features the 'concept' version. The full versions of both games will release co-incidentally with the GT-R launch and so will feature the actual car... ingenious way of leaving us hanging...