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  1. The R is gaining a lot of popularity in the builder circle in Mumbai. Its a really comfortable vehicle to be in and getting in and out is much easier than in an SUV. The customers who are paying so much money for this are the kind who already have some fancy SUV in their garage - or the ones who dont care about the price so much as compared to comfort.
  2. I just bought a 1954 convertible dodge. Its in pretty bad shape so will have to be restored. If anyone has orignal parts for this car, pls let me know.
  3. I was quite surprised to hear the price - 7 lacs! It doesnt look like a car in that price bracket. After pricing the City, Civic and the Accord sensibly i had expected Honda had finally come around to its senses. Guess they like to learn the hard way. Expect limited editions and special offers shortly!
  4. 3000kms a month is 36,000 kms a year. Then there's no question about it, you must take the diesel. Your running is quite a lot so it will save you a good amount. Moreover, I like the torquey feeling that diesels give. And once you know that your running cost is so low, you are more carefree while driving.
  5. I hope the have the good sense to go to an international design house this time, like tatas have been doing for all their products. Mahindra products are really ugly otherwise. Be it the scorpio, xylo, bolero. They are all repulsive to look at.
  6. Thanks for the advice sarabjeet. In one the other posts you had mentioned to me that u knew a guy called dherain who had imported a classic gto. Can u give me his number?
  7. You're a brave man to do 150 in a Fiesta. It's a fairly light car so at that speed the crosswinds can cause the swaying. I've experienced it quite a few times on the expressway in smaller cars and at times even in my corolla. The cars immune to this swaying are skoda and the mercs and bimmers. These cars are solidly built and specially designed to handle such speeds without any problems.
  8. I think Haren choksey is currently in jail for the duty evasion scam! Dont really want to get into doing all the hassle myself. Would prefer if some clearing agent could handle the whole job.
  9. Fortuner is not really a luxury product so I don't think 20 lacs is justified. Endevour like pricing around 16 lacs would have been good. But in India manufacturers like to learn their lessons the hard way - eg Skoda which killed an entire generation of skoda superb by pricing it wrongly at first. Now they have sorted things out and priced the new Superb where it should be.
  10. I would like to import a 1960s classic mercedes that I have seen in the UK. Does anyone know the procedure or any company which can handle this assignment?
  11. Hi Rakesh, If i were to see an old mustang, i'd buy it before you :-) It's just that these cars have become collectors items and are really hard to come by these days. If at all, people are asking crazy prices like 10 - 12 lacs. However, I hav'nt really heard of any actually selling at these prices. I'm sure banglore has some dealers who specialize in vintage / classic cars. Try looking them up and you might find something interesting.
  12. Just in - Mercedes S 320 Cdi available at a mouth watering discount of 10 lacs!! Looks like the new 7 series has them all shaken up :-)
  13. Its a case of too much hype created and too little offered. I too was expecting a big price cut. VW is destined for failure at these prices. I wonder when these companies will learn about the indian buyers psyche.
  14. manishk123

    Dog Problem

    I take it you've never visited Mumbai! Parking spaces here cost more than the cars!
  15. Its the same for the X5 too. The petrol engine is bigger.
  16. I read somewhere that they are increasing the localised content in the Fabia which will bring a big reduction in prices. Will take atleast 3 months to hit the market though.
  17. Not really a facelift.. the Laura is actually the new model of the Octavia line. Worldwide the Laura is called Octavia and it replaced the old model. In India they wanted to sell both so they renamed the new model as Laura. Its high time they kill the Octy now. Its showing its age and does'nt do much for the company's image.
  18. I have the exact same problem with my E280 Mercedes. In fact we have 3 of them in the family and all three have this stale air problem when u first start the AC. I showed it to the dealer and he said its because the stale air is trapped in the system so its thrown out first. He suggested that i start the A/c in recirculation mode then the smell will not come. This has reduced the smell to some extent, but its a shame that a technologically advanced product like a merc should have such a problem.
  19. Your query sounds like should i have an Apple or Orange! I own both the cars u mentioned since i have a big family. Both are used for completely different purposes. While the Dzire is used by my driver more for odd home jobs and ferrying kids to and fro from school, I use the Fabia myself to take to places where i cant take my bigger cars. One thing I can say is Fabia feels more upmarket and solid to drive though i feel its over priced. Hope this helps.
  20. manishk123

    Dog Problem

    Buy a gun! My BMW X5 hit a stray dog who suddenly jumped in the middle of the road a few months ago. Cost me 2 lacs to repair it!
  21. Anyone know how much discount is available on the top end automatic Altis?