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  1. I am using my friend's Punto 1.3 MJT EP for the last one month and has now covered close to 3000 kms. I am consistantly getting aver 14 kmpl in city and 19 kmpl in the highway with 100% AC. Considering 1st service is yet to be done, I think it is good. Also the ride and handling is amazing. The car grips the road perfectly even when I am cornering at high speeds and the precise steering gives you confidence to do that again and again.
  2. Hi All, First of all sorry for updating late, I got really busy with work. We got the delivery of Punto 1.3 EP on 21st November from Concorde Motors, Diary Circle, Bangalore. Took the delivery @ 11 AM. The process was overall a nice experiance. Got Reverse Parking Sensors with display on inside rear view mirror, Car body cover and Air freshner as compliments.
  3. Update: Car reached the yard. Today dealer will do the PDI and will bring the car to Showroom. We are planning to do the PDI on Saturday. We have already downloaded and ready with the PDI checklist .
  4. Rahul, I suggest u to take a test drive of Punto 1.4 Emotion. It has lots of features, unmatched handling and safetly compared to other cars that u get for 6 lakhs. With the current offers given by FIAT it will be well with in your budget also. Else u can opt of i10 1.2 kappa2 Asta which is more peppy, fun to drive in th city and safe.
  5. I had test driven the Punto for around half an hour in the Bangalore traffic but didn't find any issues with the clutch. But as you said, when we go for a long trip this may be an issue. Let's see. Even my friend and my self are very fond of Punto, so it is very hard to think of any other car than Punto . By the way, which route will take less time to reach TVM from Bangalore, through Coimbatore - Cochin or Salem - Madurai- nagercoil... any idea?
  6. Update : Booked Punto 1.3 MJT EP @ Concorde Motors, Bangalore yesterday. Colour: Exotica Red. Delivery on 3rd week of November.
  7. Friends, He has decided to go for the 75 bhp Emotion Pack due to budget constraints . For 75 bhp, its just a shade under 7L after all the offers and discounts in Trivandrum, But the 90 hp one have no offers or discounts and is close to 7.6L. He is planning to take delivery on the Diwali weekend, so will be booking the car by mid of October.It is almost 1.5 months away and equal number of sleepless nights for both of us. Will surely post the pics and the buying experiance.
  8. Hi All, Thanks a lot for for your valuable suggestions.Finally my friend has decided which car to buy ! Before evealing his choice,let me brief you how he came to that decision. Both of us are currently in Bangalore and since it is Saturday , we decided to go for another round of test drive of Figo and Punto.We went first to Lathangi Ford on Bannerghatta Road and a Lady Sales representative attended us. It was really a nice experience and we did a fairly long test drive.Nice view from Drivers Seat, powerful engine and good handling and comfort. We were happy with the car in almost all aspects except one, the interior. The interior was not looking like that of a 6 Lakh car.Cost saving was evident in a couple of places. But as a whole the car is really VFM. After leaving the Ford show room, we directly went to Concorde motors at Diary Circle. I had went there a couple of times before in last 2 years to enquire about Fiat Products and I was not expecting a very warm welcome. Since it is a weekend there were enough potential customers to keep the sales reps busy.We didn't waited for any one and directly went near a Punto 90 hp kept for display.Surprise, Surprise ! with in 10 Seconds one Sales representative came near by with a pleasant smile. He explained all the features of the Punto and clarified all our questions. We inspected the display vehicle and its interior looked more luxurious than Figo. Surprisingly, Fit and finish was also felt a little better than Figo. But we want to take a decision after taking the test drive. This time also we got the opportunity to take the car for a long test drive. Ride was comfortable and handling was perfect.Car was slow to respond till 2000 rpm after 2500 rpm it was really fun to drive. But it never felt under powered and we thoroughly enjoyed the test drive. Immediately after the test drive of Punto I asked my friend, "So, what is your decision? Punto or Figo'' He replied " Punto.... Punto!!!" and after seeing the joy in his face, I said in my mind, "Another true fan in the making !"
  9. Hi friends, My friend is looking to buy a car with good mileage,ride and handling and high on safety as he will be doing long trips at least once in 3 months.So he decided to go for a diesel hatchback and a budget of 6.5L is set.Sadly in India, only top end versions of the cars are only having safty features like ABS with EBD and Airbags.So after lot of discussions we have short listed 3 cars.Swift was not selected as it is too common on our roads and new swift is around the the corner. 1. Suzuki Ritz VDi ABS - 5.59L 2. Ford Figo Titanium TDCi - 5.92L 3. Fiat Grande Punto MJT Emotion Pack - 7.27(7.1L after free insurance) All prices are on road Trivandrum. Ritz was the first one to go out of the list as it lacked Airbags and lot of other features compared to the other two cars.Definitely Ritz is missing the ZDi Variant.He almost decided on Figo as it is over a lakh cheaper when compared to Punto.It has better space inside and does every thing above average.. I mean, Ride, comfort,handling.But now it seems like he is smitten by the Itallian Beauty. He is bowled over by the looks of Punto and Figo seems to be at least a couple of year old design even though it is a good looking car. Also in Punto he will be getting Auto AC,Alloy wheels,tilt steering,rear Power windows extra along with 50 months Road side assistance , Extended warranty, 10K gift cheque and 3K corporate bonus. Also after going through the ownership threads of Figo owners in various Forums, he is worried about the inconsistent mileage given by the Figo TDCi. Figo is well under his budget and Punto is atleast 60K above his budget. So guys, he want your valuable suggestions regarding whether he has to settle for Figo or strech his budget and go for Punto. So the big question is it really worth to pay that extra Lakh ?.
  10. My vote goes to Figo eventhough I am a FIAT fan.It is extremely value for money and have safety features. Around 6L u will get the fully loaded version including ABS and Airbags.I feel missing power windows at the rear is not a big issue. Ford service has improved a lot. the only concern being parts cost. Both Punto and Polo with ABS and airbags are atleast 1.5 L more. Swift is too old and boring now , also low on safety compared to other cars mentioned here. All the cars have really good diesel engines. My rating for some of the parameters are as follows: Looks: Polo>Punto>Figo>Swift Space: Polo>Figo>Punto>Swift Engine:Polo=Punto=Figo=Swift Service:Swift>Punto=Figo>Polo VFM:Figo>Punto>Swift>Polo Safety@6L:Figo>Punto=Polo>Swift
  11. yes,may be the diffrence is due to the ABS, b'cos one of my friend is also having same problem with the break of i10 Magna. Regarding the light, even the hyundai sales person asked me to change the bulbs before taking delivery
  12. Congrats Man ! Nice Choice. Which version have u booked and what is the on road price in ur city ? Is there a waiting period for Beat?
  13. Three weeks back,my car's power window wiring got damaged due to short circuit. Hyundai dealer replaced it 3 days back. Other than that no other major issue. I am not feeling confident with the i10's break. what about u guys? I think i10 is a good city car but not the best small car for highway ride.
  14. preeks, I am also getting similar mileage for my i10 Magna (1.2), a little better City ~ 10.5 with 90% AC Highway ~ 15.5 with 90% AC. My car has covered around 2100 kms and due for 2nd service in March.Have u faced any other problems with ur i10?
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    Euro 4 cars!

    Friends..What about the 1.1L iRDE engine in Santro? Will santro get the kappa engine or the same engine with some modifications to meet Euro IV?
  16. My car is Alto and was serviced at Bimal Service Centre at Bannerghatta Road.I am totally dissatified by their Service, so don't want to go there again for refilling. Thanks dtandon for the clarification.
  17. Friends, I got my car serviced last month and they filled Nitrogen in my car's tyre without asking me. I was in no mood to argue with them at that time and they promised that I won't face drop in tyre pressure for next 6 months(i.e till the next service) and will get better FE and comfort. I got a slight increase in FE after the service, but not sure whether it is due to Nitrogen filled tyres . Now the problem is that the tyre pressure started reducing and I am in doubt whether I need to fill nitrogen itself or air. If I am filling air in the tyre which already have nitrogen, will it create any problems? Please Advise.
  18. Friends, I decided to buy i10 Magna.After checking the two cars I felt the i10 has better quality interiors and more spacious. It is 30K costlier than Estilo VXi but dealer is offering free Mp3 Player, Remote locking and 10k discount. Planing to go for Blushing red colour.
  19. Dear Friends, I am looking to gift a new small car to my father who is using the old Zen for last 10 years and is very satisfied with. Now he is facing problem in getting in and out of the car due its very low seating position.I have narrowed down to 2 models the I 10 Magna and the new Estilo. Please suggest me which one I should select for him and the pros and cons of these two models. Thx, Yamboy
  20. GTx 694 or GTx 693? I am not able to find the model in blaupunkt web site....
  21. Hi all, I am planning for a new audio system for Chevy Spark. How about the following combination? Blaupunkt Kingston MP47 THx 542 (Front Speakers) THx 693 (Rear Speakers). Totol cost : 16K Any other suggestions???. Thanks
  22. Thanks for the suggestions friends ! Coming to the second part of my post...what is the difference between the sequential MPFI used in Spark and the normal MPFI? Any idea?