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  1. HEY GUYS ! I just got a new Ford Fiesta 1.6S. Its a great car ! The only prob i'm having is with the tyre pressure. The company says 30 psi, but the ride is to bumpy and feels a little draggy !! Since it is the S varient it comes with 195/55R 15 tubeless tyres. Your help would be valuale !
  2. Thanks a lot for ur views guys... my dad is now wanting to go for a ford fiesta 1.6 S petrol now... is it good enough? does it give good equipment for the cost? Its a great car to drive... but what about the space and equipment level compared to the i20?
  3. Hey guys ! I would be buying a new car soon and recently test drove the i20 crdi... its a great car and i think its decent value for money (though kinda expensive)... i liked the urgency in the engine and think its way better than the Punto... i tested the punto multijet and the 1.4 petrol and i think both were a BIG upset (me being a fiat person)... the car lacked the energy and pep and felt suffocated inside... the fit and finish on the punto is HORRIBLE and the plastic feels too cheap ! so punto is a no no ! I wanted to buy the i20 crdi Asta... it costs 8 lakhs on road... but the problem is that my dad thinks he could go for a bigger car for that range... the linea is out of the question cause its seriously underpowered... no honda and no maruti... so do u think i shud go ahead with the i20 crdi? or anyother suggestions?? (keeping in mind my restrictions)
  4. the 1.4 lr engine in offer is extremely underpowered ! 77 or 80 bhp is'nt enough for a car of that size and weigh... the multijet feels nice and adequate only cause of the turbo.. i had a testdrive of both.. the multijet felt quite nice.. it was like driving a skoda 1.9 tdi... 90bhp but feels well over that ! the car is extremely comfi and the interiors are more inviting compared to the New city... Its a great car.. I have a FIAT already and could feel the vast difference !
  5. hey 5u3zEr0! i own a palio too.. nice piece of alloys u bolted up ! and ya i just hope v get it too ! but when is the question ????!!!
  6. I think its already available.. check the website check the engine options available and u'l see this 1.4 16 V T-Jet variant is available as well !
  7. true but supposedly there is a 1.4 16 V T-Jet variant available which churns out 120 hp power and with an FE of 13.5(avg) under normal conditions... do u think its a good option especially because the 1.3 MJD is slightly underpowered ?!
  8. Hey guys Do any of you have an idea about when the 1.6L FIRE petrol version of the linea will be launched in india?
  9. Very weird but think about it !! with autos costing close to 2 lks to fully build... will the nano take over?! Can u imagine yellow and black nanos zooming around indian metros??! Well i think its definitely on cards ! Wat are your thoughts??!
  10. undoubtedly thi 1st honda city is close to every1s heart i bet ! even though it had dull interiors and not many features... the sheer pleasure of driving has made the owners to forget or ignore these flaws ! incredible !
  11. i agree... we'l know the styling only wen we see it on road...
  12. Nice to hear from all of u... the city is gonna stir the indian market... the paddle shift is a very very good option... and the experience with it is going to be out of the world... all your views on that please...