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  1. We owe this big confusion among the consumers to these evenly matched up newer generations of cars. Both the cars are very good vehicles, offer top-notch features, build quality, ride and handling as well as good power outputs. But here's the problem, they have to go head to head. IMO, the Endy leads in terms of Features (A humongous sunroof, electric 3rd-row seats, Noise Cancellation technology & Apple Carplay as well as a Land Rover-esque Terrain response offroading system) and a better feeling dash and overall plusher interiors than the Toyota. Also, a point to note, the Endy is slightly more powerful than the Toyota too. On the other hand, the Fortuner strengthens the case for itself by offering better (Almost tank like) build quality, Sleeker profile, Luxurious and futuristic (more Lexus than Toyota) looks and the brand value (with the attached almost unbelievable resale value) as well as the trust factor of Toyota (Some say that a Fortuner can even outlive its owners ) at the cost of a few more lakhs of Rupees spec to spec as compared to the Endeavour. So, it's all down to personal preferences of the buyer.... If they want butch looks, awesome features and a bit more grunt from the engine as well as luxurious interiors, Endy is the way to go but if they want a well-known product with as robust a build quality as you can get and better and futuristic looks, the Fortuner is gonna be a perfect companion for them.