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  1. yup, seems like they want to just maintain the presence in India but globally they got some fresh breath in 2015-16.
  2. Nissan India Launched GT-R in India @ 1.99 Cr Ex-showroom, First customer being John Abraham. Godzilla Launched #OMGTR Recent CBU launches giving shocking prices Jeep,Montero & now this too
  3. Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg announces retirement. In details
  4. The report card of car sales november 2016 & the top selling 10 cars: * Maruti Suzuki breached 50% market share * Tata Motors regains 3rd spot * 6 out of 10 topselling is from Maruti-Suzuki * Tata Tiago enters top 10 source :Top 10 November 2016
  5. Hi Bonfre, Mitsubishi is doing very well with their SUV oriented portfolio, with the recent developments with Nissan-Renault they are going to benefit a lot & started showing too internally like more concepts coming to production.In India too we got the montero back & more coming into SUVs. I personally think that these guys are going to rule the automotive industry in near future with the industry shifting to electric & hybrid vehicles: Mitsubishi-Renault-Nissan-Daimler.
  6. Personally as a product I'm not that impressed with the new fortuner , the ford looks far contemporary & well designed inside out, but if I'm spending this huge amount on any of these brands i would pick toyota , for better ownership & resale . Also I wish Mistubishi to launch the new montero sport which is way far superior to fortuner !
  7. Hi all, My self shaji, Im a mechanical engineer & passionate petrolhead working with Mitsubishi motors. Im pretty much excited to join this forum ! Rides : wagonR 2016, Lancer Ex GT 2016