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  1. In Malaysia, recently the All New BRV is on displays in various auto-shows. You can also find handful of you-tube videos on the subject. Interestingly, the dash-board of the crossover is hidden from the public, of course this is to create additional excitement. We all know that even after providing a USP of seven seats in a so claimed SUV, Honda BRV has not been a success (at least in India), sales number witnesses this. This was because of absence of few features very much available with the competition at similar price points including touch-screen display, parking sensor and camera etc. It appears that some of these apparent shortcomings are now taken care of in the All New Honda CRV. And Honda's this agility may change the fortune of the company in this segment when the competition is more than getting heated up with entry of Tata Hexa (Jan'17). This mean prospective BRV customer may expect 2 things: 1. New BRV with addition of expected features 2. Some hefty discount on existing models. Lets wait for an announcement on the same by the company itself. The following links may be visited for more information: https://www.honda.com.my/ http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/11/187552/all-new-honda-brv-previewed-malaysia