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  1. In Geneva, the German Avtosrtoiteley Audi introduced the most powerful version of the sports car model lines TT - Audi TT RS Plus. The model has an additional logo to the title - «Plus» and revised powertrain, which greatly increased the power of the car, but virtually no impact on fuel consumption. The new version of the sports car will be available in two configurations of the body - Roadster and Coupe. The main feature of a sports car, this engine power settings migrated. With the unit 2.5, the designers of "pulled" three hundred and sixty "horses" (465 Nm), which is 20 "horses" more standard features. The five-cylinder, turbocharged unit accelerates the car to "hundreds" in the coupe (KP "machine") for 4.10 seconds, the roadster (KP "automatic") of 4.20 seconds and 4.40 seconds (manual "mechanics"). The maximum threshold dynamics naturally limited - of 280 km / h Buy the car can be charged not only in Europe, but also in Kazakhstan. Today buy Audi TT and other models of the German premium manufacturer can be on the network dealers "Mercur Auto". A wide range of cars available will not wait for delivery of cars from Germany, and choose a machine from the warehouse. By the way, the declared value in Germany in the TT RS Plus / Coupe 60 780 euros, the cost of the Roadster starts with numbers 63 540 euros. Of course the price is quite high, but for the exclusive and non-transferable drive is not pity any money . For improved engine Audi RS Plus CT offers: KP dedicated six "mechanics" and 7 speed automatic S tronis, which has a "launch control" (Launch Cantrol), for instant start. This model is built on proprietary, all-wheel drive quattro platform . Post Edited; Mod Note: Remove hotlinks while posting & use regular fonts.