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  1. Hi All, Looking to buy a new car and replace my existing hatchback Fiat Punto petrol. My wife currently uses this car and my daily commute is a honda city. Punto is now 7 years old and has served us well for the duration that it has been with us. Punto has done 8k kms (overall 56k kms) in the last 2 years since I started using the city, while city currently has around 12k kms in the last 2 years. Initially discussions have been around buying a SUV / crossover car in the range of 20 lakhs or so. Options that I had shortlisted were Ecosport, S Cross, Creta (less preferred as compared to S Cross, consider it to be over priced). Also in consideration are the new Endeavor and thew new Fortuner. (not considering Tucson, Hexa (Tata name and image)) Meanwhile, there have been recent advertisements about discounts on high end vehicles including the BMWs and Audis, while most of these are still out of my budget, we came across an ad for Volvo V 40 in the local newspaper being sold by the dealer which is a demo car and has done 700 odd kms on the odo. (T4 petrol, 2015 model, not sure of the month of manufacture, sales person will get back today with the details. So here's the deal, current price is 38 lakhs OTR and dealer is offering, 30 lakhs for the same with 2 years unlimited kms warranty and comprehensive 0 dep insurance covering the car plus tyres plus the keys are also covered in the insurance. The car looks in good condition and drove really well. Did not find any real niggles with the car. The left ORVM though was not working and did not fold / open on its own. I am confused now as to what should be go for. I have told the dealer that I was expecting around 25 lakhs for the V 40 cross country model (the price of the car advertised with similar running in TOI Kolkata) and this is way higher than that. He will possibly get back today as to what is his offer. Any thoughts on the volvo and the car that I can choose around the 20 / 25 bracket? Thanks again.
  2. Hello Everyone, Great to be here at autocarindia. Would love to interact, share and learn from others. Saurabh Gambhir