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  1. Why choose fortuner 1. Safty 7 airbags, LED headlamp 2. More power 177 bhp ,420-450 torque, better ride quality 3. Brand & market value ,new luxurious (city) look 4. low maintenance,warranty 3year, very good milage, telescopic steering adjustment ,GPS navigation,engine onoff button, comfortable sitting ( all 3 rows), paddle shift(4x4AT) Why choose Endevour 2.2trend MT4x4 1. value for money (cheaper price24lakh*) 2. Good power 160PS, 385 torque and pickup (MT4x4) good milage 3. Electric power steering, good (body)steel quality, macular off road look, rear differential lock,new terrain managment,ative noise cancellation, 10 bass speakers. Why choose endevour 3.2 titanium *. Low milage according to comparison *. high power 200PS,470 torque, 5 cylinder engine, very good pickup *. sunroof,auto parking, LED headlights, terrain management,7 airbags,sync 3 with android & CarPlay,front parking sensors, premium interior,GPS, 800 mm water wading.tyre pressures monitor,