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  1. I am in market looking for a cruiser, i'm a newbie to long distance riding and i require an easy bike to maintain and DIY'ble. I stand at 6ft3in and comfort is of upmost importance and so is handling, So far i have gone thru RE stable and Bajaj. I have narrowed it down to avenger / thunderbid but i'm open to suggestions as i stand. I have heard a lot about thunderbird as capable tourer but nothing on avenger so any avenger users that can shed light on its performance for day to day long tours? Also i came across a news stating avenger 400 in pipeling by bajaj? is this true? if so are there any tentative dates so far? should i wait for 400? As far as RE is concerned, i'm convinced that RE are wallet hoggers, and require deep pockets to maintain , well thats my experiance so far from my current daily runner classic 350!, so is this true? is thunderbird in the same category as other RE's? how good it is for touring? and what of himalayan? thanks, Regards, APSingh, Punjab