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  1. So after owning multiple white cars, we have finally booked a black Creta. Everybody was apprehensive about the maintenance but once I had seen a black Creta, I just couldn't unsee it. So now while we wait for the delivery, I've combed this forum with immense stuff on car detailing and have come up with some steps that I should be following to maintain the car's paint and shine. Before I add them here, just want to highlight that I'm not a detailing addict and I doubt I'll find time for it. So I'm only looking to do the cheat stuff and maybe hire a professional detailer once in a while. I must add here that while I've a covered car park at home, the parking at my workplace is limited and there might be days when I'll be forced to park her in the open, exposed to the harsh sun of Delhi. So, here it goes (bold highlight part means I'm looking for a recommendation for the product): Daily cleaning: 1. On daily basis, use a Jopasu duster to dry-clean the car. No water applied. For bi-weekly wash: 1. Wash the car with a pressure washer. Top down approach, remove visible dust. 2. Get 2 buckets, 1 with a grid guard, other with a car shampoo. 3. Use a soft super mitt cloth (glove type). Dip in shampoo, clean one part of the car, rinse in the other bucket to get the dust out. Repeat for all parts. 4. Same steps for tyre and side step but with a dedicated cloth. 5. Pressure wash again to remove the shampoo. 6. Use a microfibre cloth to damp the car dry. Use a lubricant before wiping it dry properly. 7. Use a spray type polish to shine the surface. 8. Use a spray type wax to seal the shine. 9. Interiors - dry cleaned with a Jopasu duster. For half yearly detailing: 1. Head to 3M/ professional detailer! Does the plan sound good? Any step that I need to modify? Also, any product recommendation for the bold highlighted products?