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  1. I finally booked tickets for Mumbai.. I'll reach Dadar by train from Pune. Can someone please direct me what would be the best and cheapest way to reach the complex. And also since I bought the magazine, only I have a pass. Will the passes be easily available for my 4 other friends from outside the complex? And yeah, I also read ACi forum member got a little special treatment last year. Can I expect the same too?
  2. Hello People I am Jasmeet Singh. 23 Years, unmarried. From Ludhiana. Right now in Pune. Love cars, like any other guy. Dream of driving a Ferrari someday or a Lambo. Own an Innova, Astra, a Mahindra Cj3b, Pulsar 220. The household vehicles I mean. lol. Want to buy an Audi once I earn enough. Love TopGear (the show). Wish I could drive around a track someday, in a German car with a race driver teaching me sh*t. Have Fun people, Cheers.
  3. Gee.. Thanks.. now i gotta figure out how to get one for my friend.. :-D prolly rip one out of a book stall.. hehe..
  4. I have the latest issue.. where are the tickets.. are they loose?