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  1. With the showcase in last AutoExpo216 the TIGUAN was the eye catching product in the arena. The pricing then was supposed/rumoured to be around 25 lacs approx. The customers who went across the arena and entered to VW stand were eager to see and take an experience. But now as it has been launched under a high price tag ranging 28 -36 lacs, it is highly wondered who is going to buy this car. Now again it has many items which are missing in the peers but company has stated that this car is in battle with BMW, AUDi. I wonder that Tiguan is in size o TUSCON, as much as segment is compared it could have been comapred to Endeavor, Toyota. The ground clearence provided 149 mm hounds me more than its pricing and also the power and torque is less. I wonder that although JETTA has been ceased production the engine has been borrowed why??? The SUV must incorporate a powerul engine which must be thrill to drive and which is expected rom this german brand because down the lane POLOGT TSI, VENTO TSI AND AMEO TDI are best in driving experience. The marketing rom Volkswagen has again went wrong this time and they need to do more strategical work and must cut the price so that the much appreciated SUV gets boasting with huge number o deliveries and also must talk to R& D department to raise the ground clearnace otherwise its a tough task.
  2. High quality yet simple dashboard.... nice design from outside and also it seems that interiors are well designed, yet rear a/c vents are missing!! Alloys and headlights are eye catching.
  3. well the style quotient is really high and that has been the strength of FIAT but they have to also strengthen their weak marketing, sales and after sales strategy. They have good product line but still the strategies has to be their to make the upcoming product more successful
  4. @gkorgaon Its very sad to hear about the issue. Since the SKODA and VOLKSWAGEN are providing same engine there are issues with glow plug in their car generally. Also I would just like to ask that how much kilometer was your car driven . Sometimes the heating also happens because of The EGR bypass, which is generally done after 10000 kms. Also they use high grade of synthetic engine oil which is of very high quality. There must be some technical fault in the engine and it cannot be just a short-circuit. Also there had been problem with SKODA dealerships that they had not been able to provide quality service within time and there are always discrepancy from their side. Recently there had been a SKODA OCTAVIA customer who bought the new Octavia in 2016 but from the first day there had been sound in the suspension, to which he complained but SKODA said that it is out of their understanding.
  5. also if it enters the market the buyers will have huge list to choose from and certainly which will eradicate the monopoly of some indian automakers
  6. It is very happening to see the dynamically style Compass that was showcased in India few days back. But the road to the success of this car will not to be easy as it will have to counter customers with more center towards the mid range premier suvs, although the list of competitors is not so long for Indian market. Although there are Suvs lined up in future from VOLKSWAGEN and SKODA, it will be a interesting combat between the new gen suvs to sustain the market and become the eye candy of Indian customers. Lets see who has got more chaos.
  7. this car is really frugal sir. many congratulations to you on your new POLO GT TSI. Its the most loved Hot hatch in India. I have driven it a lot. I hope you must be enjoying its sports mode. The acceleration is very quick due to variable geometry turbo and also its very pliant on high speeds just like other vws. Its a very nice car and really meant for the enthusiasts. Congratulations sir
  8. either it can be a shaft driven also
  9. hope its not lighter as like etios
  10. PARAG

    about bs 4

    Which cars in India are complying with BS 4 norms from the makers like Volkswagen, Maruti, SKODA, AUDi