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  1. @sachins Thanks. I am trying to post this to the maximum contacts I can. Please share some contact details whom I can escalate this issue to. Yes, the car has been declared total loss and the Service Centre is insisting me to go for an Insurance claim rather than Warranty claim which hardly helps me. I still have an ongoing Car loan which is again taken by Wolkswagen Finance and if I go with Insurance settlement, almost 50% of the amount goes to WF. So I am hardly left with anything, with which I cannot go for another car.
  2. Hi Friends, I do not post regularly on any forums, hence please forgive me in case if I am posting this under a wrong thread/forum. I want to share one of the worst experience I am going through, with SKODA & JMD – Bhandup. I had a SKODA RAPID car (MH-07 Q 8922) which I bought from JMD – Thane in Oct’14 with 5yrs warranty. This car was being regularly serviced as per the schedule and have been following all the recommendations and good practices which the JMD Bhandup Workshop Team had been sharing to me. Unfortunately, the car had some issue with the Glow Plug Lamp indicator which kept flickering due to which I sent it to the Service Centre immediately the next day, to get it checked. They returned it back to me after 10 days mentioning some wiring changes resolved the problem. The ill and the worst part starts here. The day the car was delivered to me by JMD Workshop Bhandup, after couple of hours while driving the bonet of the car started fuming and caught fire. This all happened within a minute. I literally survived and was lucky enough to get out of it before the doors might have got locked. By the time we could do something and the fire brigade arrived the internal components of the bonet (engine and other components within bonet) were completely burned and damaged. The car was towed the same day to Workshop where they examined and was concluded that the car is useless as all the internal components were damaged and was non-reparable. So far the root cause of the fire has not been identified and I’m just being informed that an internal short-circuit has caused this fire and there’s no manufacturing defect. One thing I fail to understand here is, would SKODA and JMD just run away out of the issue mentioning “Short-Circuit” as a reason? If the car was serviced and delivered the same day, wasn’t the wiring and other components tested before the car was delivered? Or are these cars bound to happen such issues without any root cause?? I have claimed for a warranty and they have just denied for the warranty claim. I reached out to SKODA directly to understand the root cause of the issue, but they have in-turn directed me to the same dealer. Is there any way out to resolve this? Please HELP! Regards, Gaurav Korgaonkar