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  1. Hi, Bought Automatic Petrol version of Ciaz last week, it has run 100 KMS so far however the average so far has been 6.5 kms. Getting me to wonder if this is normal or there is some anomoly here. I am aware that average does increase during the longer duration (1000 kms+) or post 1st service but not sure how far it will reach from 6.5 kms. Would be great to hear from Ciaz owners as well as experienced drivers. Also any do's and don't for maintaining are welcomed. Thanks, AB
  2. Thanks. Went for the Ciaz Petrol automatic version. Will share the experience after few months, loving it so far.
  3. Hi, Is the Maruti 3-4th year extended warranty really worth taking or its just not worth it. I am looking to buy ciaz and was wondering. Also how much does teflon coating and base anti-rust cost and is both really recommended ?
  4. Hi, I am from Mumbai, looking to buy Ciaz Zeta Petrol and was looking to reach out to Ciaz owners on the forum for the following queries - 1) Satisfaction with the car performance over all ? Any issues with those using it more than 6-12 months ? Stable at 100 KMPH or above ? 2) Actual mileage on Mumbai roads ? 3) What all freebies did one get from the dealers while booking Ciaz Zeta ? 4) Does Diesel version have high maintanance cost over Petrol or what are normal negatives of buying a diesel over petrol version ? Anything suggestions that I should look out for while buying the car. Thanks, AB
  5. Its around the 2nd week of May, was updated by Maruti guys when I visited them this weekend to buy a new car.