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  1. It seems to be the GT TSI variant. Notice the tapes on the bottom of the boot lid, they may be hiding the "GT" and "TSI" logos. Also the stripes and the in the front grilles are covered by tapes. All that I can hope is that they are painted RED, as in the GTI models sold abroad.
  2. HI all! Starting this topic to find a new home for my Kittens. I have total of 3 cats and 7 kittens with me. We will be shifting shortly to our new home shortly and will not be able to take the cats with me due to space constraint. I do not want to give them away to an animal care home. It would be really helpful if you can hepl me find them a new home where their good care will be taken. Attaching some pictures as well.
  3. Yokohama would range between 5000 for A Drives and around 5600 for AVS db series. While A drive are more ideal for long life and mileage, AVS db series are known for their super silent ride. You can also check Yoko C drive which a bit performance biased. Michelin Primacy LC series will cost you about 5700. If you are pretty biased towards performance, I would suggest you to go for Yokohama S Drives. You can easily fit 205/55R15 tires in your swift which retail for around 6500. It would drastically improve handling as well as your car's aesthetics.
  4. The best upgrade would be to go for 195/60R15 tyres. The would fill up the wheel arches perfectly. The car look s under tyred with 195/55R15 and 195/65 would affect the fuel efficiency. I would suggest you to go for Michelin XM or XM+ series or with Yokohama A drive or C drive.
  5. @livetodrive All marutis have metal reflectors. So you need not worry about its blackening or melting. It all depends on the user's choice whether to go for high powered bulbs or for 90/100 ones.
  6. The best option would be to buy a Honda City automatic and get it converted to CNG. As far as I know Honda does not offer company fitted CNG on it automatic variants. You can get good examples of used 2007-2009 Citys in the vicinity of 4-6 lacs or go for a new City and get after market CNG fitted.
  7. I'm using Halonix 130/90w bulbs with relay on my Esteem for the last 1.5 years and no problems so far. The total cost was 130 for the bulbs and 750 for the relay. The total cost including installation came to Rs. 1000. There is no blackening or melting of reflectors despite some long night drives. You can also consider this option but also be considerate for others on the road. Using high beam with upgraded bulbs can cause problems to oncoming vehicles.
  8. Update on the condition. Got the car fixed from Chevrolet Authorized Service station. Total bill amount was Rs. 3900/- I didnt go for claiming insurance and paid cash itself as NCB@ 20% was around 4200/- so paying cash was a sensible idea. The word done by Chevrolet guys is really impressive. Dent is completely gone and 100% paint matching. Really impressed with the service quality and service cost of Chevrolet. Moderaters are requested to close the topic. Thanks
  9. My beloved optra magnum was the target of little brats of our sector. These kids were on a mango tree picking mangoes when a wannabe hero tried to take them down. The kids in a bid to escape him jumped straight down from the tree on to my car and left a big dent(or should I say a crater) on the right fender of my car. The service centre guys gave an estimate of around Rs.6000 for the body work. Should I claim insurance to get my car repaired or pay from my pocket and go for no claim bonus as my Insurance is going to expire in three weeks. Please advise.
  10. Thanks for your inputs. @librankur, I was personally inclined to Evalia but the budget constrains put that deal off. My current preference is Enjoy. The interiors are very car like and feel a segment higher than that of Xylo, Bolero and Sumo. Moreover, it has better space than Ertiga and Quanto and can easily accommodate 6 people plus driver. Its my first priority as of now.
  11. Hi all. We are planning to buy a vehicle to be used for commercial purpose i.e, for sight seeing, outstation tours, etc. The car would mostly operate in the hills. My major priorities are fuel efficiency, comfort and maintainance costs in the same order and the budget is max. 8.5 Lacs. I have short listed the following cars, not in the order of the preference. 1. Chevrolet Enjoy 2. Mahindra Bolero 3. Mahindra Quanto/Xylo 4. Maruti Ertiga 5. Nissan Evalia 6. TATA Sumo Grande Please suggest the best option out of the above mentioned Vehicles.
  12. Hi all. We are planning to buy a MUV to be used for commercial purpose. Which one would you suggest out of the above two in terms of economy, comfort, and maintainance costs in the same order of preference. the car would be used in the hills for sight seeing purpose and occasional outstation tours.
  13. Thanks for your replies guys. Will wait till the warranty expires and then go for an upgrade.
  14. Thanks for your input. I have not opted for the 3 years chevy promise. Will the warranty be void if I only go for Speakers upgrade on the original wiring?
  15. My Optra Magnum turned 5 months old recently. I was thinking of upgrading the ICE of my car. Should I wait for the warranty period to expire or go for the upgrade now?
  16. Duster being out of consideration, it leaves us with the Innova as the best option available. XUV is definately a looker and comes feature packed, but there are too many issues with the car. I have heard couple of stories about the clutch going kaput on only months old XUV's. Moreover in my opinion, people at Mahindra service centres are not well versed with knowledge of such features which migh pose a problem in after sales. Innova is the most safe bet among all.
  17. @BornFree Sir, if the commute is mostly in city and some limited highway run then 85PS version would suffice your needs. 85PS is more than enough. More importantly the 85PS version produces max torque of 200NM at 1900 RPM whereas the 110PS version produces max torque of 248NM at 2250 NM which makes te 85PS version more easier to drive in the city than the 110PS version. Instead of going for 110PS version, you could go for a higher variant of the 85PS version.
  18. I would suggest you to go for Renault Duster. While Innova is a proven workhorse, duster also performs well. Duster is easy to drive in the city as compared to Innova because of its smaller dimensions and is also good on the highways. Its cheaper than Toyota Innova and more fuel efficient too. If you are based in a major city then I think that servicing might not be an issue in the coming years. If you can look over the service issue than duster is a very good car. It provides you with the looks of an SUV with relatively easy to drive nature if a hatchback or a sedan. The space is adequate for a family of four. Moreover Innovas are too common on the road nowadays.
  19. I would suggest you to consider Honda Jazz or Brio. I wouldnt suggest i20 as in my opinion ita all show no go. The petrol feels dull and the car doesn't handle as you would expect it to.
  20. You can look for Honda City E variant which costs about 8 Lacs on road. It has a great engine, offers safety features such as ABS and dual Airbags as standard. Reasonable maintenance cost and peace of mind that you get from a Honda. Its a great car and nothing comes close to a Honda as far as petrols are concerned.
  21. Great paintjob, but the alloys does not seem to gel in with the rest of the car. Just my views, no offence.
  22. Hi! I currently have a Suzuki Esteem VXi and we recently bought an Optra Magnum Diesel LT. As told by Chevrolet, it is the last LT model sold in Delhi as the car has been discontinued now.B Optra may not have teh latest gizmos and technology as in Verna, Vento or Rapid but once you are behind the wheel, you all the these thoughts are blown away literally by the cars amazing power and torque. But among the two cars, Esteem is more closer to me. Its been with us for the past 5 years and I simply in love with this car.
  23. Hi! I'm Dewank Sharma. I'm an avid reader of Autocar Magazine for the past 4 years and a regular visitor to Autocar website. Decided to join the forum as I find it a great source of information and knowledge. Hoping for a pleasent stay.