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    Thank you, VET5!
    Brief Overview:
    We travelled and stayed at these places -
    Day     Stay 1 Chicago, IL - collect SUV O'Hare 2 Mansion View Inn and Suites, Springfield, IL 3 Wagon Wheel Motel, Cuba, MO 4 Boots Court, Carthage, MO 5 The Campbell Hotel, Tulsa, OK 6 Trade Winds Inn / Holiday Inn Express, Clinton, OK 7 Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, NM 8 Garret's Desert Inn, Santa Fe, NM 9 El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, NM 10 Kachina Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ 11 Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 12 Irvine, CA 13 Irvine, CA 14 San Simeon Lodge, San Simeon CA 15 San Jose, CA - return SUV I have made 20-30 mins long YouTube videos for individual Days.
    1. Day 0 is a brief introduction which you can begin with .
    2. You can follow that with Between Day 0 and Day 1, where we rested after long flight from Asia and explored Chicago our starting point -
    After you have had gone thru these 2 videos, I would recommend you follow the following sequence -
    Day 1 & Day 2 > Day 3 > Day 4 > ......
    You get the idea
      I would recommend you watch over WiFi and headphones and set resolution to HD for an immersive experience or on a Smart TV.

    So far I have done until Day 9. But I will be completing the full set.
    You can use this playlist -  
    You can also check out all the videos will are available at this link -   Enjoy and have fun!