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Final DecisionEveryone's want to buy a Dream car but due to price and some spec's missing,not at all we having it,In my case too,My Dream car was Swift only...... from 2008 am start to plan buy and buy,No luck having swift because of waiting period(4-6months) in 2013,Lot of missing components like no music player,push button start,auto closing mirrors,rear sensors,So I just visit Hyundai Showroom(Pre-owned Section) and Saw any second cars for price bracket up to 2Lacs and finally shortlisted Chev-UVA petrol green colour,But in home there is decision going on,Why we again buy second-hand cars,early on is M800 which serve as past 4years(2010 to 2014),Will buy a car with our budget not more than 6.5Lacs on that Hyundai technicians testing the grand i10 on the near by service road and asking what is the name of the car when it will be realise they told be this Grand i10 car replace old I10,So i wonder saw the interior first time beige and chocolate shades gives a premium feel and audio system melt with interior is nicest one,So went to home asking permission to buy this car with top model,Also searching all auto portals international too Two days thoroughly check in and out of car compare with swift because i want to more from my dream car,apart from highway performance grand i10 tick all the boxes and best suited for city purpose,Since on that I am joining in MNC Chennai,there is no problem on emi and maintenance.Finally got approval for 6.5Lac Sportz trim Diesel Colour We already have a White M800,had clean exterior every time we went out and in,So colour should be easily keep up,Make sure choosing metallic colours is best in my opinion,Not too much observe heat compared to black and red and every time we need shade to parking lot,Metallic cars is best suited to indian conditions and easily to keep up,finally chosen Grand i10 star-dust grey is best colour.PriceEx-showroom (Metallic)- Rs 5,96,000RTO (Registration)- Rs 59,600Logistics & Handling- Rs 6,990+Temp reg:4500Insurance(with Zero Dep)- Rs 30,000-for freeTotal On Road- Rs 6,67,090Fuel economyBack to my calculations say that 18-22 kms to a litre.This is with AC.Very short drives of a couple of kms each time.Always running with AC only it avoids dust from outside.Engine Type & Variant: 1.1 Sportz (Manual) Diesel, Star dust Colour.Kilometers done: 69000+ kms till dateOverall build quality & Finish:You Can easily compared to Swift by opening front door and closing,Swift door too weightless feeling while Grand i10 make me premium feel while opened or not.Braking and high speed stability: Be Sure Grand i10 braking very sharp and it halts on wherever you want,But careful when braking rear coming vehicles not having or not,Breaking on of the best in this Car without ABS.Suspension & Ride Quality: I travelled Swift as well as Grand i10 compared to swift grand i10 better suspension and ride quality Swift far better on this.Exterior Designing & Style:Well Swift is better from outside not much beautiful in Interior(I mean rear space)Grand i10 am not sure he good-looking from outside but obviously interior and seating is the best in class(rear AC went)Modification:Tyre UpgradeChanged tyres at 52,000 kms with no thread in tyres fully vanishedhonestly say Grand i10 not a 90HP car to put 15" alloys at all,If you want upgrade please follow steps given below,http://tyrestore.in/upsizing.htmAnd make sure Difference in circumference not more than 2% for small example when you So when your speed reads 70mph, you're actually travelling at 72 mph it will affect odometer tooAm choosing 175*60*14 ContiComfortContact CC5 exoteric silence on travel and more comfort highway trick with friends and family than stock tyre and grip cornering too.175*60*14 ContiComfortContact CC5= 4200*4 => Rs.16,800Horn UpgradeI recommended this part very much essential one on indian road that OE horn is not too loud not to help clear road crossers.Go with Roots horn(commonly say that skoda or polo horn)(Rs.1000)Audio UpgradeAm not sure about touch screen system not fitted with interior or not so that kee up same audio system just added 4door JBL Speakers and Amplifier and woofer.Below configuration enough to give massive bass even side view mirror and rear mirror vibrate when volume close to 16Door Speaker : JBL Car Speaker Coaxial a310si 310W (Rs.2500*2=5000)Amplifier : JBL GX-A424SI 2-Channel Car Audio Power Amplifier(Rs.5500)Woofer : JBL GTX 1200T - 12 Inch Bass Tube 1200W(Rs.7000)Wiring Kit : Xenos Python Amplifier Kit - PVC material multi-coloured AMP Wiring Kits(Rs.1500)ExteriorSpoiler(Rs.6500 approx)Sunvisor(Rs.1500 approx)Total Cost16,800(tyres) + 1000(horn) + 19,000(audio) + 8,000(Exterior)=Rs.44,800Cost of Ownership,Hyundai Service schedule is every 10,000kms or year,But in my case stretch the schedule to every 13000kms.because we used highways most of timeService Cost : Rs.6000 to Rs.9000 approxWheel alignment : Rs.500 (Every 2500Kms)Insurance : Rs.6000 to Rs.9000 approxSo,(9000)Service cost + (9000)Insurance +(2000)Wheel alignment=20,000 in a year not more thanPer Day= 20,000/365 = Rs.54 Per dayI am travelled 15,000 kms in a year approx,mileage between 18-22per litre =681 litres approx 681litre*55 diesel price approx =Rs,37455 per year Total:Maintenance + Diesel = 1Year20,000 + 37,455 = 5745557455*4 = 4Year= 2,29,820Tips:At Nov-2013 am sworn whether this car has a good resale value or not a checked with OLX posting ad,what response from the buyers shocked asking about Rs.4,00,000 to 4,20,000 in 2013-2014Same car i posted in middle of 2016 its was close to Rs.4,50,000,In 2017 easily it will come to close to 4,00,000,That is success of this car you can check this prices on auto portal websites,it will make you whether your car is current trend or not,I guess this Grand i10 surely go another 2-years ruling in this segment (Commonly known as top 10 cars sales in month),After that i will decide go for Sedan or SUV segment,It's worthpackage whatever you pay on showroom.with regards,Arun,