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  1. No "Vikky1971",,,,i have got the gear shifting problem after driving 1.91 LAKH KM only,,, ,,,so no issues with my driving skills what do you mean by not-technical!!!!!
  2. Friends i would like to share my review on Figo 2012 Tdci 2012 Jun 1st week , i have decided to buy Ritz ,but my wife didnt like the rear concave polygon shape ,, at the same time Maruthi has ended gen1 dzire after some research finallly i booked Figo Exi with fog lams ,ford's Music system,wheel caps , mats etc ,total cost 6.12L till now its clocked 1.93L KM on ODO 19 regular maintenance ( every 10K) has been completed at VIbrant/Fortune ford ,Hyderabad other than 19, there were another 15+ visits to service centers due to failures after 1.9L KM , i was curious to know how much did i spent on this car and the answer is ~2L INR last week while driving from my home place , 1st and 2nd gears were not engaging i have to move the car in 3rd and move to 2nd ( for pickup) then 3rd,4th,5th after 2 days , 1st and 2nd completely blocked and i cant even move from 3rd to 2nd/1st managed to go to FSS in 3rd gear and they did some fix ( adjusting gear /shift cable) ,but no luck Finally they have opened gear box and quote for overhaul was 45k so total money spent on this car till 1.93L KM is ~2.5Lacks,,,,,,, Good things: 1. Never had a downtime and never left us on roads 2. only one incident when engin light warns , immideatley turned AC off and waitied for 30 mins and started again without AC - absolutely no downtime 3. 1.93L KM with almost 1.80L KM on AC 4. 3rd set of tyres running now ( each set changed at ~ 65KM ) 5. stability on Highways Bad things: 1. Maintenance sees to be high 2. same part will fail for multiple times 3. we can get few parts for 75% less price outside market with same brand Example: non-ABS wheel bearings , SKF price is 700, the same SKF brand is being used at FSS for 3000 4. low ground clearance ,bad hits at speed breakers 5. Some times engine cries , for some unknown reason Now What next: 1. plan is to change Engine oil for every 5K ( it may increase the engine life) 2. for non-engine/non-gearbox related work ,strictly at non-FSS 3. what ever might be the case ,stick to ford engine oil only 4. i hope engine can go for another 1L easily please share your long term review on figos