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  1. I have run car almost 100km and suddenly in running car engine stopped. By opening it is found connecting rod bend and broken. They told rod can be bend if hydrostatic lock happen. I want to find out what could be other reason for connecting rod bend. I know they are making false stories but I need to find out other reasons of rod bending.
  2. My car Maruti Baleno petrol engine failed after 10852 KMS. According to work shop manager engine one connecting rod bend and broken due to hydrostatic lock. This may happen when water enters into engine.At presentlty there is no evidence of water inside engine and also I am sure I have never driven car in water.They explained me following theory. May be I have driven car in water clogged area in past.Water goes inside engine through air filter. Small amount of water will enter in engine and comes out through exhaust. Due to that connecting rod will bend. After that you can drive normally through bend rod. It will not give sound and no effect on engine performance. It will run smoothly in city area but when u drive it on highway at high speed rod will bend further and ultimately brokedown.They told that in three cylinder carbon line is same while in broken one carbon lining is more it means it was bend earlier.Right now only one rod broken all other rods ok. Head gasket is ok. No evidence of water in engine and air filter. Please help. Above explained engine failure theory is right or wrong. I have attached phograph of carbon lining in cylinder.