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  1. I read an article recently which says that the government has given special concessions to the European market. This means that the import duty for cars imported from Europe (Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc) will be reduced significantly. A Mercedes GL class can be had for approx. 55 lacs comparing the existing price of approx. 85 lacs. This will be a huge bonus for these car companies. Expect to see more of the European brands on our roads.
  2. At last hope Fiat to get it right this time. First was their failed venture into India with PAL, then with Tata. Now they want to go all alone. Hope they do well because they have some of the finest engines (Multijet) which is being used even by rival companies through license agreements and they design some of the most beautiful cars on Earth. All they need to have is a perfect marketing strategy, ample service outlets throughout the country and good after sales team with spare parts at reasonable cost. That is all that is needed. Think how Hyundai conquered our country and became No.2. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.
  3. These days all major car companies provide roadside assistance. So have the phone number. It will come handy. Also there are other good ones which do this service irrespective of the vehicle brand. Have the contact number of such providers too. Eg.: TVS Roadside Assistance. I hope Vento & Fiat have emergency first aid kits. If not have one.
  4. Yes eagerly looking forward to the new Octavia. It is supposed to bigger (as is the norm these days newer ones are bigger & better) than the existing one and cheaper than the outgoing model. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  5. Even though Mercedes Benz has been here in India for a long time compared to its competitors it lost its number 1 position and now at last is fighting back with the launch of new models and localization. A-class looks stunning and the new GL is much more bigger and better. Way to go for SUV crazy country. Wish them luck to regain their lost glory.
  6. The problem with VW cars is this. Most of the models are rebadged cars. Since it owns a number of brands and wants to become a number 1 brand amongst the automobile companies their main aim is to capture the market throughout the world. Project Eagle works to ensure that. We as customers get the same vehicles rebadged, renamed with minor tweaks to the front and rear bumper. As a result we get to see more of the same. Reduced visual variety is a major drawback. But by doing this they are able to command a premium on certain brands and make some other brands as value for money. Shared platforms and shared components reduce the price of manufacturing.
  7. Technology wise diesel cars have come a long way from what it used to be. They are no more the dirty, noisy and heavy ones. In fact the recent multijet kind of diesel engines is light weight, refined and is giving a tough fight to the petrol ones. Further diesel engines provide miles of driving pleasure due to their high torque compared to petrol cars. Also diesel cars give more mileage than petrol. The cost of ownership is also normal provided it is well maintained and serviced. However, diesel cars are expensive than petrol cars. The only way to recover the high initial cost is to drive extensively. The diesel advantage that we once had due to the price difference of fuel for petrol and diesel is now fast reducing. These are pros and cons of owning a diesel car.
  8. Enjoy will be my choice amongst the two, however Enjoy needs to be thoroughly tested to know its credibility.
  9. Skoda used to have a very good reputation at the time of Octavia launch. It had no direct competitor and it was a runaway success.. However times changed and with new competitors coupled with poor after sales service Skoda lost the edge it had. With its parent company VW entering the Indian market it wanted to have the higher position as it is throughout the world. Skoda has to bring in new models and freshen up its model line-up to stay active in the market. With its solid build, taut European styling and value for money it can do wonders.
  10. Seems good indeed. Ford has to concentrate on the spare parts rate and should provide good after sales service to its customers. Only these factors will help it to maintain a decent market share.
  11. Tata has to first ensure that the Nano has a rear hatch that can be operated. They can bring in more trim levels which are better equipped. Diesel version is another area of interest to everyone.