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  1. Soory guys if this topics was discussed earlier. I did search, but didn't find anything. Thanks all for the inputs.
  2. Hi, I know some of you would have noticed that Logan's tail lights are not identical. They are different. Any idea why so?
  3. RonakG

    New Honda City

    The team BHP photos of new Honda City looks more like new Honda Accord. It is already launched. Quite a few running on Bangalore roads.
  4. RonakG

    New Honda City

    puneet's photo of new city looks like a photoshop job.
  5. RonakG

    New Honda City

    How could I missed this thread. This is all new Honda Accord. Already running on Bangalore roads. Check out the official Honda site.
  6. RonakG

    crude prices

    If there is Rs 10+ hike in petrol price, a lot of people (car and two wheeler users both) will start using the public transport. So in that case, the government will have to provide better and better means of public transport.
  7. RonakG

    crude prices

    They are planning to sell petrol at market price. This would mean an increase of Rs 10-16 per litre at current prices.
  8. It's not always about the feature that are there on paper. A car should really be very good on those features. Build quality, materials used etc matters. If you compare features on paper than almost every car is same. What makes a difference is how they deliver on those features.
  9. Here comes the winner Without any guesses Does this qualify to be a car btw?
  10. Better car between these three would be the one you like most. Good enough reason? There is no comparison buddy...
  11. Its better than current Logan, but nothing extra ordinary.
  12. You don't like this ??? I know the Indian version will definitely not the same, but still it looks awesome to me.
  13. May not come to India with same bells and whistles. So price tag might also come down.
  14. RonakG

    ugly d'zires??

    Nobody is trying to prove that Dzire is an ugly looking car. Looks are always personal. This is just to see how many don't like Dzire looks.
  15. Good news...????
  16. Hi All, Everybody here and outside are discussing about the cars that are getting launched in India. 40 new cars are going to be launched in 2008 as per the reports. There is very big hype about Tata's people car "Nano" which will be affordable to common man. But can India afford this car revolution? Is our infrastructure capable enough to handle this many cars? Safety is a concern but occupying these many cars on Indian roads is a bigger concern I feel. We don't have a road network or a freeway system like America, where everybody and anybody drives one car. There are already 150% more cars running on the roads of all big Indian cities than expected figures. What are your views on this? -Ronak
  17. RonakG

    Swift Sport

    excellent pics...dying to see one on the roads...
  18. The front looks just too curvy. Bajaj lite was a better design IMHO. But they are way too late.
  19. Looks better than current indica at least. Would love to see from a different perspective angel.
  20. RonakG

    Spark vs i10

    My vote for i10 magna. Looks awesome.