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  1. Nicely written review.. I took a similar decision from my heart and went for a Toffee brown Venti TSI highline plus with 16 inch wheels. I ve driven it around for 600 odd KM's. Things I like : 1.Sturdy build quality. 2. Classy looks esp brown colour.. 3. Excellent ride and handling. 4. DSG gearbox is probably the best automatic gb we can get at this price. Works absolutely great especially with upshifts. 5. Mileage of around 10 kmpl in the city and 15 kmpl on the highways. 6. Buying experience was pretty good in spite of slight delay. Not so good. 1. NVH levels in the cabin are not that great. Especially on the highways at higher speeds, engine makes itself quite audible inside the cabin in addition to the tyre noise. 2. Accelerator not as smooth as other competitors like Honda City CVT. Though it's too early to come to a conclusion, I am happy with my decision of choosing Vento TSI over City CVT.