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  1. Please avoid the Hyundai Verna. Agree it got the "Car of the Year" award and all that owing to the great features and engine in the car. But you do not buy the features and the engine, you buy the experience. I am the unfortunate owner of the Hyundai Verna 2017 Next - Gen and it is waiting for spare parts since 30 days. I am told 2 more weeks for spare parts to come. How can they release a car without spare parts? The problem is that Hyundai gets its spares from a separate company called Mobis and not from the factory There are many cases like this that you can see on Hyundai's twitter handle
  2. 100%. I searched the net and have found cases where 2012 Verna buyers are struggling for spare parts in 2017. Shudders to think of being a next-Gen Verna 2017 owner in 2022. Hyundai is focused on pricing cars high to make fat profits and is only focused on sales and general service. The dealers of Hyundai have a monopoly and Hyundai has no control over them unlike Suzuki and unlike Toyota. If you need spare parts, please wait 10-14 days - we can't tell you an ETA. The spare parts come from Chennai
  3. No wonder. Just look at the twitter handle of Hyundai. Go to "Tweets and Replies". It is flooded with complaints on spare parts availability and after sales service. https://twitter.com/HyundaiIndia/with_replies
  4. Hyundai spends all money on marketing and has won 4 out of the last 5 iCOTY awards. i10 in 2013, i20 in 2014, Creta in 2015 and next-gen Verna in 2017 I am the unfortunate owner of the next-Gen verna from Hyundai that is waiting for spare parts for the last 3 weeks. While the car is loaded with features and has a great engine, the availability of spare parts is a big dampener. I just looked at the Hyundai twitter handle and there are 3 complaints on spare parts in the last 1 hour. This thread is to ensure Hyundai focuses on spare parts availability and after sales service. And to ensure they do not take customers for a ride with iCOTY marketing
  5. Ford launches models in Brazil first before launching in India. They did the same with Ecosport. So we can expect Aspire and Figo new models in India during the festival season of 2018 Oct-Nov
  6. I would suggest to go with the Ecosport. It is a proven model and Ford's engines are good and reliable. Tata has a turbo petrol and not a naturally aspirated petrol. Ford Ecosport has a naturally aspirated 1500 cc petrol with low end torque. so Ford engine is bettre Plus on the diesel side, Ford diesel engine is proven Nexon is just another Tata on stilts. Would suggest to avoid Tata and go with Ford. If you like diesel, you could consider the Vitara Brezza from Maruti
  7. Please wait for the Dragon engine. The Figo and Aspire will probably get a 1.2 L version of the 1.5 L in the Ecosport. It has good low end torque and will be good to drive in the city. The current engine is not good for city driving
  8. Hyundai is interested in writing travelogues for new verna, marketing gimmicks and investing to win icoty award (it is a joke now) everytime they launch a new car. They dont have time or inclination to invest in supply chain and spares for existing customers of the new verna. Buying a car is not buying an engine and features but the overall experience. That is where Hyundai is like the plague
  9. Thanks. I have already escalated and tweeted to hyundai india. No response other than that they will call me.During sales process, I had complained that they got petrol vehicle for test drive instead of diesel and hyundai customer care responded after 5 days. They just shared my number with the dealershipIt is difficult to understand what I am going through unless one's 1.5 month old new verna is waiting for spare parts for 3 weeks My learning is that buying a car is not buying the engine specs. It is about the full experience. Hoping to sell this off after a few months to get back to good old Maruti Suzuki.
  10. Sir, I own a Hyundai Verna bought in OCtober 2017. Car suffered an accident on Dec 1st and spare parts have not yet arrived. Please buy Maruti Ciaz for peace of mind. I am planning to sell Verna and buy Ciaz once the facelift is launched
  11. Can't agree more with ksgulyani. The Ciaz facelift in mid of 2018 will come with a 1.5 Diesel engine and 1.5 petrol engine as well. Great spare parts availability with Ciaz as well. I bought a Hyundai Verna that has a great engine and is a great car but the spare parts for the 2 month old car is not available even after 17 days. Suggest you avoid the Verna at any cost
  12. Has to be the Ciaz. They should definitely add the cruise control (already in S-cross) and the 1.5 diesel engine. Great spare parts availability unlike the Hyundai Verna where I am waiting for 17 days for spare parts for a 2 month old car. I will sell this and buy the Ciaz when the facelift arrives
  13. Better to buy Honda City than the Volkswagen Vento. There are enough horror stories about Volkswagen in India. I would suggest that you also look at the Maruti Ciaz. Maruti has good spare parts availability, there are good year end discounts of up-to a lakh or more on the Ciaz and it is real value for money. Only problem is that the engine is not so powerful. Avoid Hyundai Verna - I bought it and for 17 days they have not made spare parts available.
  14. My Next Gen Hyundai Verna 2017 that is only 2 months old suffered an accident requiring replacement of the following parts: Left and Right Fender Front Bumper, Headlights and Left Fog lamp Side and curtain airbags on the left side, front airbags It has been over 17 days since accident and the spare parts have not yet arrived. Very disappointed to see the spare parts unavailability and delay at India's 2nd highest manufacturer? I am reading lot of stories about their poor spare parts availability. Terrible to see a 16L rupee car out of action due to non availability of spares. Any suggestions on what best to do