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  1. Well actually laura is the new generation octavia for the rest of the world. Don't really think a fabia sedan is good replacement for octy. Think its best not to call it octavia then
  2. @ Bornfree But are you getting any warranty/guarantee on the phone at that price? @ asethi I use a curve myself, but mine is on contract so have no idea how much it costs otherwise. Just saw an AD in the newspaper and there is a very high chance that the price advertised is not really what they sell it for.
  3. Time for a retro contessa as well, Indias' very own muscle car. What say?
  4. Saw some ads of blackberry 8520 curve for 17k. Seems like a good buy, Otherwise check HTC. Was just checking the iphone prices myself 3GS is around 40k from voda but I think would be better you bought from some other apple dealer like maple, same price and the phone is not locked to 1 network. iphone 4G is expected in december if you want to wait and save up cause its expected to be quite pricey .
  5. under 6L sedan other than you mentioned is indigo. Not suggesting it but letting you know of the choice. The latest entry into the segment is VW vento which starts at 6.99 ex showroom delhi, which again i think would be more expensive in chennai. SX4 also starting at 6.9 ex delhi has major discounts going on all over india. Out of the hatchbacks would suggest the polo. You can also consider a pre owned car and can get your self something like a civic/corolla.
  6. adi1991

    Fiat 500

    Just got a mail in my inbox, Fiat 500 has got a new more expensive model out. This one for 29,600 pounds. Its called "Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari ". Here is the full story The Fiat Abarth 500 is arriving in even more exclusive style as the Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. There will be only 152 available of this exclusive car in the UK and it is priced at approximately ?29,600. The Fiat Abarth 697 Tributo Ferrari is powered by a 1368 cc turbocharged engine producing 180bhp at 5500rpm and 250Nm torque at 3000rpm; the Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari can accelerate from 0-62mph in seven seconds and has a top speed of 140mph. However, the frugal engine can return 43.3mpg on the combined cycle. There is a comprehensive list of equipment including five airbags, electronic stability programme (ESP), torque transfer control (TTC), sport button, power steering, automatic climate control, xenon headlights, Blue&Me hands-free infotainment, Abarth leather steering wheel,
  7. Oh yes the new jetta, just saw it in todays TOI. Looked somewhat like the vento or did the guyz at the newspaper mix the two up?
  8. Personally prefer the sedan, specially type R in it. New Hatchback has gone too futuristic. Guess I am still old skool guy, not saying the sedan one looks old skool or something. But has something to it.
  9. Q5 is such a competitive car. c'mon Audi think numbers bring down the price to something reasonable. It is anyway betting the x3(BMW? or whatever that is), a bit of price reduction and it would even take customers of 3 series and c class, may be its own a4 as well. As I think our pot holes road and flooded street require it .
  10. There is also another variant, a cheaper one which they have not got it to india yet. The basic freelander with MT. And the car being made here would be a treat. But since Tata has launched the model in india as car starting from 33-34L it is unlikely that even if it is produced here they will pass on the full or even any benefit to the consumer. Though it might be the bring the basic model in so that the car starting price goes down. Something similar to laura ambiente?
  11. adi1991

    Fiat 500

    fiat 500 I guess is the only car which falls in all price brackets. It starts of from some GBP 9,465 which is 200 pounds cheaper than the basic polo and goes up to a whooping GBP 26,900 which is more expensive than a Audi A6! Driven by a lot of celebs as a sign that they are down to earth people. But I guess that image doesn't really count for the indian market, now does it. As I was told by the Tata dealer (he was kind of a weird folk) the new 500 BSIV is going to cost some 22 lacs+ on road mumbai. He did print this out in a proper price list format to give it to me (thought it made it in front of me in MS word). But the way things seem 500 prices are going up and this model is no where close to the top end variant.
  12. A palio facelift with MJD great. Hopefully they still price it right. Thats all they need and it going to sell like hot cakes .
  13. Don't you think the back is a bit to small for a civic sedan? Indian civic is supposed be a proper big sedan. So whats with the hatchback crossover? Or can it be the new civic hatchback?
  14. @325i a car below polo? VW planning to bring Fox to india?
  15. @bluesapphire When I last checked I was by tata corporate office that it has sold 17 fiat 500 in maharashtra and around, that to very proudly as that is the maximum number of fiat 500 sold by a single dealer. Heard quite a few people booked palio MJD. guess if the new palio doesn't carry earlier mechanical break downs owners use to complain about, it is true VFM. Also read in the paper Fabia basic model starts at 4.48 or something ex-showroom.
  16. Golf is coming to India, that would be great. And jetta is actually the last generation golf with a boot. Mark 6 golf, the latest one is a different story all together. Or else how about giving jetta a facelift?
  17. Here is another thought, how about fiat bringing in punto abarth . Don't know about the sales but the car will definitely fly straight up
  18. If I remember correctly there are kia showrooms is Nepal. And that was like 2-3 yrs ago. Wonder why they launched in nepal but not in India :s. Have seen some ads abroad, kia offers the maximum warranty of all car manufacturers like 7 yrs. Not so sure what exactly they cover in this 7yrs warranty but still 7yrs is a long time.
  19. Yes saw that 30k fine to skoda else where as well. But I think its just another story to skoda india, don't think that would change them. Only if they were to provide better service to there customers. But still don't understand why do skoda do this? am sure as a company they don't want to loose customers. Then is it just that they got the wrong people employed with them? Off topic: LOL Skoda JMD was a forum member and got banned. guess I missed quite a lot.
  20. @ shanthanreddyp Lower end variant? LX was always there wasn't it? Basic safari without body colour plastic parts.
  21. I am not really a AT guy but I thought you only use one leg when driving a AT. Or is this another one of those car jokes that bounced off my head.
  22. @ shanthanreddyp which cities pricing have you posted?
  23. Do you mean you were offered 60k discount on a new i10? If yes sounds a good deal but would still stick to the swift. Out of curiosity which dealer is offering you that? Cause i heard there was some 35k +corporate discount on i10 but this is news to me. Or is there something wrong with car? probably have a few hundred kms on the clock?
  24. I would this is a disaster as well. This doesn't make any real sense. So lifting your foot from accelerator to brake is to much of a effort? Think would like my conventional brake and accelerator pedals with a manual Here is another whacky invention from my side. Make the brake and accelerator the same one. When you press it brakes and when you lift your it accelerates. So when you lift your foot completely its full throttle. hmmm.... disaster again but would work better than this cause when you see a change of environment around you, you tend to press or hold on to things. Say when you on a scary ride you hold on tighter same way you press hard in an emergency. And since the pedal is the same one response time is better? may be.
  25. There is not really any price difference as the advertised price is not for all cities. I am pretty sure if you check again, it would written ex-showroom delhi or thane somewhere in fine print. So Kolkata prices will still differ.