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  1. hi there, the procedure to transfer your bike from Pune to Mumbai is very simple, first option is that you don't need to get it transfered as it is MH ( Maharashtra) passing,so you don't need to transfer. Second option is that you need to obtain an NOC from Pune RTO to the desired RTO in Mumbai,e.g Mh01 Tardeo,mh02 Andheri,mh03 ghatkoper,Mh04thane and mh05 kalyan. Then you need to visit the selected rto or an rto agent and pay a nominal fee with your Mumbai address proof and bike documents. Hope this will help u
  2. Hi there, i am a big fan of the classic HH CBZ, i had done all the possible upgrades to my bike, e.g. 2 piece handle,booster silencer,real broad rear tyre and round headlight. It was a dream bike for me back then and I still enjoy every single ride on it.
  3. hi there, i totally agree with you as the HH CBZ was a bikers dream that time. I still remember when I went to buy a new HH CBZ star in the year 2006 I was told the bike has been discontinued last year. We'll that left me very emotional. So I got my self a used 2001 model.