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  1. Now most of the leading company gearing up the productions towards Making of SUV, First of all, why is necessary to make Suv? Most of the customers feel better to travel in SUV, The Reason is Suv gives more comfort, safety and more Space to the travellers.Here is the Top 5 Companies who going to launch the Powerful SUV in the Industry. Rolls-Royce Cullinan Suv 2018 Rolls-Royce Going to Unveil the new SUV Named Cullinan in end of this year, The Spy pictures also trending in social media.This is not the first SUV from Rolls-Royce, they already made SUV during the period of WW-2, Lets Talk about the features in the new Cullinan. Read more about Cullinan Click Here… Land Rover Range Rover Sports 2018 The most awaited Suv Land Rover Range Rover Sports model Got launched in April-14-2018, The model has refreshed with new range rover touch, It has new developed interior and exterior.New redesigned Cabin and 12-inch touchscreen display make the interior super cool. Lamborghini URUS Lamborghini Urus, The can Reach 100 km/h in 3.0 Second, The Sportscar exterior gives the powerful look to the car.What about the Engine? The Urus is expected to be powered by a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 and a plug-in hybrid powertrain will also be offered down the road. Read More… Bentley Bentayga. Bentley Bentayga, The Car has many features like EVENT SEAT, New developed interiors, New Engines for the powerful performance and First-time in Bentley car they have introduced Start/Stop Button for the Fuel Economy. This SUV is the Reason why Rolls Royce going to launch their Suv in the industry. Audi Q8 The new Audi Q8 ushers in a new design language for the German marque, and it is set to come with a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain., the Audi Q8 continues the same sort of styling as the rest of the Audi range, so the SUV’s front is dominated by a large, hexagonal grille. SOURCE:- WWW.AUTOTECH0.IN
  2. Thank u sir!?❤ @vikky1971 The whole indians are Waiting for that day...??
  3. In this post I am going talk about the and smartest way of charging methods by Tesla… At Home. Make your home as power station………… By tesla portable charger you can build power station at your home,the simple setup should done by the tesla electrician near you,After the Setup simply connect the adapter with your car,Done! The car requires 12 hours charge for one long trip. Want more fast …. Read below… In detail: Mobile Connector (20 foot cord length) Adapter for standard 110 volt household outlets (NEMA 5-15) Adapter for higher power 240 volt outlet (NEMA 14-50) Adapter for public charging stations (SAE J1772) Plan before leave (Super charging). Tesla builded the super fast charging networks on American roads.Plan a route before leaving… The App or the Dashboard screen will show the all super fast charging networks near you… The super charge takes 30 minutes or less for 170 mile range.. Sounds good… Isn’t?? Charge and Relax… Tesla offers adding charge networks on places like resorts, shopping center,Hotels etc.By adding charge networks they can attract the Tesla car owners to their shops or hotels. Source: