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  1. Hi all, Comparing the mileage difference between HP petrol mileage and Shell petrol mileage of my Wagor R 1000CC auto gear (AMT) on Jan-Feb-2018. I am in Chennai, everyday commute from Velachery to Kodambakkam 30KM/day in a heavy city traffic. My observation below: If I would have used: HP petrol on 31-Jan-2018 was 75.63 Rs., For 2000 rs 26.44 L. And as per my last 3 months calculations my car gives 14.22 KM/L for HP petrol in same city traffic. So for 2000 rs it gives 376 KM and it comes like 5.32 Rs./Km. I used Shell: the price was 77.46 Rs, got 25.82L normal petrol for 2000Rs, not V-Power. And my car gave mileage of 15.14 KM/L in same traffic condition. So for 2000 Rs it has given 391KM and it comes like 5.11Rs/Km. Hence, although Shell is little costlier it gives good mileage and for 1000KM / month commuters it saves Rs. 200 per month. Also, as I heard it is good for engine. Wear helmet & Seat belt! Happy driving folks.... -Murugan from Chennai.