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  1. 2 hours ago, vikky1971 said:

    @Sachtech that post is from 2015 and not recent 

    Yes sir. It is quite old but the doubt is still FRESH for anybody who stars using Car.  Also this page is still coming in google search so I do not wish that any visitor to this wonderful site get disappointed by just seeing just one acceptable answer.  


  2. Dear harikkuttan,

    As suggested by Prashantroxx, the best way is to get CCTV installed in your parking basement. However,  if you need dash camera that can keep recording even when car is off then you can have a look at

    It comes with special power cable that powers dash cam from car's battery. So one can keep recording ON even when ignition is off and car is parked. It has dual camera so atleast front 170 degree, Back view and any smallest noise will be captured by this dash cam.

    Also, Dash cam is very essential to stay safe from false accusations of rash drivers after accident.

    Have a safe driving !

  3. Hi,

    I would like to add one most crucial thing in above list - A dashboard Camera. I am surprised that still there is not much awareness of using car dashboard camera in India.  It can literally save car driver from going behind bars in case of any accident and driver has not at fault.

    I can post various features to be look before buying dash cam but I will post it on request only bcos I dont' wish to make the post long.

    Also you can buy garmin, transcend, hp of YI dash cam from amazon, flipkart, snapdeal or you may look for Indian reseller selling dual recording dash cam like 

    Have a safe driving !

  4. Hi Friends,

    We wish to spread the awareness of using car dashboard camera so that innocent drivers can be saved from false accusations of rash drivere.

    Also traffic offenders can be nabbed. 

    We are selling good quality dual recording car dash camera at . It has Excellent day, night and rear video recording. Visit site for real videos.

    I request moderator/admin not to delete this useful Indian vendor link. We promise not to post this link anywhere else in forum or spam.


    Regards, team.