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  1. @Biplab I am new to this forum, but could not resist myself to post you a reply. I drove Bangalore to Kolkata quite a few times (atleast 8 times to be specific) and learnt few things, would suggest you to follow those.. And please note these are addon on top of @vikky1971's suggestions.

    • Tyre pressure will play in important role, Please fill air before the journey starts well in advance, do not fill tyre in between the journey, as on the way the tyre will be hot, measuring the pressure wont be correct one.
    • Specially the terrain in AP will be very hot and humid, Make sure you find brakes to keep you refreshed, driving in night is also a good idea only considering if you are driving in hot summer.
    • Plan the route well to avoid small roads which google keep suggesting you to avoid longer distance, it may the shorter, but in terms of time you wont save anything and the driving in those small roads will be more effortful.
    • Keep enough free space in the cabin for passengers as it is not easy to sit in a car for more than 12 hours in consecutive days, Keeps chewing gum,  candy's with different flavored to give it a different taste to your body, as stopping for each small things will unnecessarily make the travel lengthy.

    Hope these helps