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  1. Hella relay kit costs 2000. It replaces wiring up to battery level along with sockets which will be ceramic and can work even in high temperatures. 100/90 osram rallye bulbs are a good combination with these. Use high beam only when required and Do not forget to use low beam for vehicles coming opposite side. Give headlights a break every hour religiously futility night journeys to prevent reflector burnout or fading issues. If you want, upgrade fog lights to projector housing with hid kits. You'll gain wattage as halogen fog lamps consume 55watt whereas hid kits of 35watt are more powerful than 55watt halogens. Do not worry about load on battery as there are many vehicles which have four headlamps (separate high and low beam light combination) which consume more wattage and on the same rated battery. The only concern is heat. If you upgrade to projector headlights in place of fog lamps, you can have plenty of lightingon road without hurting opposite vehicles. Upgrading to projector headlights on fogs doesn't cost too much either.