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  1. NB10

    New MG Hector SUV

    I came across this interesting image that shows all the variation of the Baojun 530. That includes the MG Hector, the Chevrolet Captiva and a few others. All of these essentially use the same platform, features and design, with some minor changes to differentiate the models from each other. What do you guys think of seeing all the variations together in one place?
  2. Here is the new Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV) which has been built for use by military and defense forces. It’s designed to be a modular type vehicle allowing for efficient maintenance and it can be upgraded or configured in the field for a wide variety of operational roles. The ALSV offers ballistic protection up to B7, STANAG Level II. It can carry four crew members and up to 400kg of cargo. The Mahindra ASLV uses a 3.2-litre, multi-fuel diesel engine which is good for 215hp/ 500Nm and comes with a 4/6 speed automatic transmission, 4X4 with front and rear differential locks, 1,000 Kgs payload capacity, self-recovery winch, and high travel all-wheel independent suspension with central type inflation system. The vehicle has a top speed of over 120kph and the 0-100kph time is 12 seconds. The ALSV's tyres can run flat for up to 50km as well. What do you guys think of it? IMAGE SOURCE
  3. The Chevrolet Grove is based on the Baojun 510 SUV which has been spotted testing in India before. The MG Hector on offer in India uses the Baojun 530 as its base, hence the Baojun 510is a slightly smaller package and is more in line with the size of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. The Chevrolet Groove is expected to rival the Hyundai Creta in international markets. The Groove will have all the features available in the Baojun on offer and hence should make a good case for itself in terms of value for money. Would you guys like to see a version of the Chevrolet Groove/ Baojun 510 come to India?
  4. As Of Monday, May 18, 2020, India has become on of six countries that produces high horsepower locomotives indigenously. This happened with the introduction of the Electric Locomotive dubbed WAG12 (number- 60027), which produces 12,000hp (compared to the current locomotives that produce around 6,000hp) and is the first high horsepower locomotive that can operate on a broad gauge track. Additionally the locomotive can also operate on regular rail tracks as well as special tracks present in dedicated Freight Corridors. The Electric locomotive has been built under the Make in India project and has been produced by Madhepura Electric Loco Factory situated in Bihar. The same facility will produce 800 such locomotives over an 11 year span. These locomotives are also designed to do speeds of up to 120kph though it has been tested up to 132kph. What do you guys think of the new most powerful Electric locomotive manufactured in India?
  5. I have come across some new images that show of the interiors of the new China-spec Hyundai Santa Fe facelift. The images show a new vertical touchscreen in the centre console (similar to the one in the upcoming Mercedes S-Class). I also saw these renders that show off the models styling. What do you guys think of the model and would you like these features to make their way to our market? IMAGE SOURCE
  6. I have come across a render of what the new Honda ZR-V SUV which is expected to be a rival to the Toyota Raize sold abroad, would look like. The renders show a sleek SUV with a Coupe-like roof line and sporty proportions. Not many more details are known about the SUV. What do you guys think of the design in the renders and would you like to see it come to our market? Read more - https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/new-honda-suv-likely-to-be-christened-zr-v-417158 IMAGE SOURCE
  7. The facelift for the Kia Picanto (or Morning as it is known in some markets) has just been revealed. The Picanto is the sister car to the previous-gen Hyundai i10 sold in the international market (not to be confused with the India-spec Grand i10, which had different engines and was a bit larger). This update has brought with it some design changes mainly on the front and rear bumpers as well as headlights and taillights. What do you guys think of the hatchback and do you think it would make for a good addition to the brand's India line-up? Read more - https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/new-kia-picanto-facelift-images-leaked-417091
  8. Here are some images of the China-spec Hyundai Elantra. From these images, we can see the exteriors as well as a glimpse of the interiors that shows the digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen. What are your views on the new Hyundai Elantra's design? IMAGE SOURCE
  9. I have cine across some images of the new yet to be launched BMW 5 Series sedan. The images show off the front and rear design. There is a new grille, new headlights, more aggressive front, and rear bumpers and new taillight design, besides this the overall design of the car looks similar to the current model. What do you guys think of this new design? IMAGE SOURCE
  10. Here are some more leaked images of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. In these images, we can see both a bike finished in yellow and one in red. This is essentially the next-gen Thunderbird. What do you guys think of the bike? Read more about it here - https://www.autocarindia.com/bike-news/royal-enfield-meteor-350-fireball-price-leaked-417038
  11. I came across this video of the Suzuki Swift crash test. It shows the result of the front off-set impact crash test. What do you guys thing of the video?
  12. The Volkswagen Viloran, a minivan for the Chinese market has been unveiled. It is the first luxury minivan by Volkswagen for the Chinese market which is slated to launch later this year. It uses a 220hp, 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine and measures 5.3 metres in length. It also has a seven-seat layout. What do you guys think of this minivan? IMAGE SOURCE
  13. I came across some renders of the Toyota Fortuner facelift. In these images, we can see a much cleaner and sleeker front and rear end with most of the remaining design remaining unchanged. Do you guys think the Fortuner facelift will look like this? IMAGE SOURCE
  14. I came across some images of the first few Skoda Octavia RS 245 that have reached our market. From these images, you can see that a number of cars finished in different colours have been imported, including green, blue, red and white. The Octavia RS 245 uses the same 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine as the previous RS we got, however, it now produces 245hp and 370Nm of torque. It is also priced at Rs 35.99 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India). What are your opinions on the New Skoda Octavia RS? Read more - https://www.autocarindia.com/car-news/skoda-octavia-rs-245-launched-at-auto-expo-415984
  15. Came across these images of a Toyota Raize that has been modified to look like a Lamborghini Urus. It is one of the stranger mods I have seen out there. What do you guys think of the modification and the end-result? IMAGE SOURCE