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  1. Police from around the world too seem to be looking towards greener mobility options – a Greek island recently inducted an all-electric Citroen Ami into its fleet. Here though we have a much larger vehicle - the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The pictures seem to come from South Korea with the car fully decked up in Police livery and other fittings. Well EVs do seem to be the way forward in recent times with nearly all brands across the globe either rolling out one or working towards going electric. So what do you think? Will EVs be the way forward for the Indian police too? Source
  2. The XUV700 seems to have been a big hit with us Indian buyers but what would you think of a pick-up based on the same? Mahindra did make one the Scorpio Getaway before. We only got it with the first-gen Scorpio though there was a second-gen model based on the current Scorpio in some global markets. These here are renderings of a pick-up derivative of the XUV700 though with a lot more off-road focus. Chunky tyres, beefier bumpers, bed-mounted spare wheels, this version looks ready to go off-road racing. So what is you opinion? Would a rough and tuff monocoque pick-up be appealing? Source
  3. Here are some pictures of the facelifted Creta from the show floor in Indonesia. Hyundai again gone for a heavy revision to the styling - particularly up front - in place of more subtler changes. The Tucson like nose is a big change from our car while changes to the rear are less prominent by comparison - it still gets a revised tailgate and tail-lights. Then there is the tech too - it's got ADAS in international markets so that could be on the cards for India too. The current Creta never appealed to me in terms of styling that much and this new one's front end is a bit too busy with the extra large grille, segmented DRLs and low set headlamps. What's your opinion on the new design? Pic source: Autonet Magz
  4. Here are some new images of the new Tata Punch micro-SUV. While they officially revealed the car in a shade of blue new images show the car will also come in a bright orange and a bronze-brown like tone. The white inserts on the dash band door cards does make the cabin look brighter than the concept's though given our climate it might not be that easy to keep clean particularly if it is upholstery finish. Other pics suggest a decently roomy rear seat and 16-inch wheels where everyone else here seems to do with 15s. So what is your thoughts on the Punch. It's got the family looks and upright SUV proportions but would you want this micro-SUV over a high riding hatchback? Source 1, Source 2
  5. It's known that MG is readying an updated for the Hector with the launch being tomorrow. The launch will be of a new variant called the MG Hector Shine which as per pictures will offer a sort of middle ground to buyers wanting to buy a Hector with a sunroof. Currently you only get a panoramic sunroof with the fully-loaded Hector Sharp with non of the other variants equipped with a sunroof. A panoramic sunroof can hike the price of a car to quite an extent so a regular sunroof could be a way to keeping prices in check while giving buyers more option. Here are some pictures. Source
  6. While Hyundai has shared teasers for the AX1 or Casper as it’s expected to be called, the tiny crossover/ micro-SUV is only expected to debut later this year. These here are some unofficial renderings - all depicting the front though in different colours - that try and show what the Casper could look like in final production spec. It’s polarising for sure – split headlamps and fog lamps sitting alongside the headlights on a wide yet narrow grille. Going by previous spy shots and the rear too is set to get split light clusters with rectangular high-set units and circular ones set lower in the bumper. It is supposed to come to India, probably by another name but can’t say for sure how I feel about it going by these renders. Image source
  7. Aftermarket upgrades to SUVs are not anything new. You’ll have seen them done to a dime a dozen Maruti Gypsys, the last-gen Thar, the various Isuzu V-Crosses across the country, and more. This one here is kind of subtle yet no so subtle. Finished in bubble-gum pink, this second-gen Thar or Project Tharbie as the folks at Upshiftautos calls it seems to be inspired from the character of Barbie – Not a very subtle paint job. The more off-road spec front bumper though is more subtle by comparison. Personally, not sure on what to think of this one? Image source
  8. Well the Tata Safari has already got the sporty GTS treatment in one set of renders, so how about an open top treatment now. These rendering by Nafi Designs shows the seven-seater as a four-seater convertible replete with a folding soft-top roof - might be the largest soft-top ever, who knows. Well looks closely and you'll notice some of the Black Edition like detailing with the blacked out trimmings and alloy wheels. So what do you think? Would this be something that you would add to your garage if it ever saw the light of day? Source
  9. Following the Safari GTS rendering, artist sdesyn has now shared rendering of what the Hyundai Creta could look like if received the full-blown N treatment. Blacked-out treatment, vertical slat grille, red highlights, low profile tyres, large exhaust and the works. The rear too looks cleaner in my opinion with a just a lightbar in place of the regular Creta's split unit. So what do you think? Would you buy one if this rendering became a reality? Source
  10. Here is a side by side look at the Alcazar and Creta. They do look quite similar from the front save for the grille and if you look closely enough the lower bumper gets different scuff plates too. From the side, it's apparent that the Alcazar is longer. From the rear, the Alcazar looks a lot more plain as compared to the Creta's crease heavy tailgate centre section. For the dashboard, well aside from the obvious - the digital dials and different colours - Alcazar has got the tan interior, not really seeing much difference. Of-course second row onwards there are differences such as the seating layout and that unique floor console on the six-seat Alcazar. So whose design do you prefer more?
  11. Here are some more images of the production Kushaq SUV ahead of it's launch. Styling is typical Skoda SUV at this point - clean lines, sharp creases, slim headlamps and high set secondary lights. The cabin design too looks quite tidy with that ledge like element atop which the touchscreen is placed and the two spoke steering that seems to be becoming a common design element in their newer cars. So what do you think of the car so far? Would this make your under consideration for purchase list?
  12. With the Alcazar now officially launched here are some more images of the three-row Creta-based SUV detailing the interior and exterior. On the outside you can see that the different grille and bumper is the most notable giveaway that this is the Alcazar from the front while around the side the longer length also become apparent. The rear meanwhile gets it's own unique design elements. This one is the six seater model so you get the rather unique floor mounted middle row centre console with the armrest and also note the pillows on the headrests, there also look to be a lot of room in that middle row. The badging on the tail reveals that this is the fully-loaded petrol model that uses the updated version of 2.0-litre petrol engine from the Tucson and Elantra that makes 159hp and 191Nm. Plus there's also the 115hp 1.5 diesel that's common with the Creta and Elantra too. All in all the design looks like it may grow on you and the cabin does look like a comfy space to be though can't say for sure yet how the third row will turn out.
  13. Here are some images of a made-in-India Suzuki Jimny exported to the Philippines. You can clearly see on the plate in the engine bay that it has been manufactured by Maruti Suzuki India. Engine is the tried and tested K15B - the same 1.5-litre petrol we've got in the Brezza, S-cross, Ciaz, Ertiga and XL6. Looks to have been just offloaded or transported to a service centre or something given the layer of dust on the car. Plus I guess they removed the tailgate mounted spare for transport purposes Source
  14. Comparing middle-row captain seats of the new 6-seat SUVs - the Safari, Hector Plus and the new Hyundai Alcazar. While the Safari and Hector Plus have a similar setup with individual centre armrests for the captain seats, the upcoming Alcazar has a unique center console that will also get a wireless charging pad. I like the one on the Alcazar given that it function as more than just an armrest - there's the wireless charging pad - though I don't know how comfortable a person might be if they recline the seat - the Hector's and Safari's armrest recline with the seat Lets have a look at all 3 together and then one after the other. Which do you prefer? Alcazar image source Hyundai Alcazar MG Hector Plus Tata Safari (Picture of Adventure Edition)
  15. The Renault Kiger seems to be reaching dealerships across the country ahead of its launch which is expected to happen by next month. Styling looks to follow last year's concept quite closely and this time around, unlike the Kwid and Triber, this one will have actual alloy wheels and not steel wheels with covers that give it the look of alloy wheels. Compared to the car shown during the reveal, this silver one misses out on some of the cosmetic detailing though that could most likely be added on as accessories. This looks to be the fully loaded model given the RxZ badging on the fenders and the 8.0-inch touchscreen and the large TFT display in the instrument cluster. Screen grabs and original video are below