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  1. i believe helmets protect the most imp part of ur body, so dont wear it for the sake of some crap rule, wear it for yourself.
  2. just 1 request raj, next time you meet an innova or safari driver on the road, challenge them for a race. and do update us with the result! you have made a good decision. only scorpio owners know what their vehicle is capable of, right?
  3. jay_m

    opel astra

    those who buy german cars know that their spares are expensive and the mileage is less
  4. raj, your car looks cool in white. that was a nice info for scorpio lovers like me. the vibration in the gear which you mentioned, is it present only in the third gear? did you notice it during the test drive? what else does the voice assist system reminds you?
  5. congrats buddy you have made a good choice nice pics too
  6. and most importantly they are actually useful
  7. i had go for the P200 or the karizma...
  8. hey raj_5004 the speakers you get in the scorpio vlx are quite decent unless you are a hardcore audiophile! yes do fit the woofer, but no need to change the present speakers i feel they are good enough
  9. trust me guys the vlx is not expensive for what you get i have a month old vlx with me now its engine rocks, its high on comfort except for the lack of cabin space but its compact dimensions actually help me in city i am regularly getting 11 kmpl in the city with 100% AC all its features work well and about the long term reliabilty, i know scorpios are known to be reliable
  10. booked my new scorpio mHawk yesterday, in black a bit confused about the accessories part i want my car to look different but not outright flashy any suggestions
  11. scorpio 2.2 for me as engine is peppier and more fun to drive. also cos of its never ending list of features and i find it better looking than the safari
  12. the car is so light and the engine so puny, i dont think with 4 heavy people on board, it will anyways cross 60 kmph
  13. scorpio looks better to me the safari seems to be an old design now the scorpio looks fresher
  14. raj have you driven the 2.2 scorpio how is it compared to the crde ? i mean the suspension and performance