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  1. Choosing from the two variants of petrol and diesel puts a dilemma and raises a question mark in the minds of a good number of prospective car buyers. The debate has been raging for many years with supporters on either side unwilling to let the guard down. Facts first, it is plainly the type of usage that determines whether one has to buy a petrol version or a diesel one. Allaying the doubts of either side, each variant has its own share of benefits and it all settles down, to reiterate, depending on every person needs and to be sure, it does differ. As we unravel the pros and cons of both the iterations under various aspects, it is the customer who would emerge in possession of unalloyed details. The priority for price Laying bare a straight fact, the diesel cars are quite expensive than their counterparts running on petrol. There is a considerable difference in the price with the diesel variants on most counts pegged at least by a lakh higher than the petrol version. When the factor of on-road price is taken into account the gap further widens as the registration procedure for the diesel variant involves a steep fee. The fee swings in between 1 to 3% with respect to the cost of the vehicle and again depending on the state where the purchase is made. Upping the ante for the diesel cars is the element of comparatively lower price of the fuel retailing in the country which needs to be configured in positively. Maintenance The overall expenditure involved in the maintenance of diesel vehicles is usually on the higher side. This does not mean the petrol vehicles do not pinch much, but lesser while pitted against the diesel dependents. The underlying reason for the inequality is attributed to the highly priced consumables ranging from the engine oil to spares utilized in the diesel models. The Effect on Environment We live in an age and time where the objective of safe environment is being accorded one of the top priorities. The diesel fuel is free from any form of lead or rather emissions arising from regulated pollutants mainly from nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. But this virtue is slashed by the creation of higher emissions of nitrogen oxides and the relevant particulate matter which are flagged for their carcinogenic nature while compared with the petrol based vehicles. Fitting a particulate filter in diesel car enables to have a check on the pollution caused by the vehicle. The quality of burning is more optimized in petrol and this is at times cited as one of the reasons for turning away from the diesel cars. The Resale Value Compared to the petrol versions, the diesel cars command a good resale value. And this is explicitly overriding the fact that the petrol engines are long-lasting. The second hand cars of the diesel variant have enough buyers in the domestic market. So, without any guess it has to be inferred the depreciation of the diesel variants is less than the petrol ones. Mileage The diesel vehicles score all the brownie points when it comes to the mileage. A diesel engine does not require a spark plug and this is responsible for the higher compression. It in turn leads to maximum utilization of fuel by the diesel engine as against the petrol engines. Most of the diesel car owners, in foresight, make a purchase in favour of it despite the higher price tag due to the additional mileage it offers and they seem to recover the cost in due course of time. In a nutshell, it is the usage as highlighted earlier that has a say on the vehicle choice. For shorter commutes the petrol variant is an ideal one whereas for the longer journeys the diesel based model suits the best. Carkideal is the best car dealer in delhi to give a best deal to sell used car in Delhi.
  2. What Should You Keep In Your Car At All Times The accessories that go into the body of the car to realize its objective of manufacturing is more than enough only to keep the vehicle in functioning mode. What some of us fail to see is the additional equipments or gadgets which can turn to be crucial for the car to return to running mode in the event of a repair or the possession of a life-saving kit certainly required for the passengers in the unfortunate circumstances of the car being involved with an accident. Many car owners give adequate thought in the eventuality of odd moments and are geared up to face the situation head on. And there is the other vast populace relying heavily on communications alone to cling on the much needed support during the jittery hours. With technology purveying and penetrating every inch of the globe, help is not much far away as rescue operations or swift repair services are available round the clock and all of which can be easily availed using the latest communication equipments. Let us see and understand what could be the important things kept in the car and what purpose they serve. Spare Tyre This is one particular and one of the top most additional accessories that has been part of the essentials to be kept in the car, a practice dating back many decades ago. A spare tyre with a tyre jack and the allied iron tools are mandatory for any car. It is equally important to atleast have a bare knowledge of replacing the tyre with the necessary tools. These days where the wheels come with a special security key makes it very much important to have the key in the vehicle. Tyre Inflater and sealer You may not be a thorough automobile expert or mechanic but it helps you to drive around for help or to reach out to the nearest service point if your set of things includes a tyre inflater and sealer. On few occasions, the mechanic may be far away or for some reasons it is not able to reach the place where you are struck with your car. With the help of the tyre inflater and sealer it is possible to gain few additional minutes and set your car in motion for some time to travel to the nearest possible place of car service. First Aid Kit Everybody starts their journey with an optimistic outlook of reaching their destination without any interference or foreseeable problems. But what if tragedy is round the corner and strikes its evil hand on the passengers of the car. When there is a mishap, in most of the cases there could be injuries or just bruises or at the worse profuse bleeding. The medical kit at those absolutely low moments of life can safeguard and prevent the situation taking a fatal end, as one can immediately do the minimum form of first aid to the affected until rescue arrives to the point of accident. Jumper Cables Engines are one of the probable troublesome parts of the car and you would never know what sort of trouble is in the offing due to the road conditions and the weather. It is advised to have a spare of jumper cables ready in the car and prior to it you should have a basic familiarization of dealing with minor engine faults. This saves you time when the problem emanates from the engine and glares its teeth of forbidding your journey further. And also you need not be stranded in the highway waving at the passing cars calling for help to repair the engine fault. Carkideal, With more than 15 years of experience in the automobile trade the Car ki Deal team brings a service offering that no one can match, Carkideal is the best dealer to sell used car in delhi..
  3. Buying a car, new or may be old, nevertheless is a pride for every family in India and many yearn for that significant day to have a joy ride with their dear ones. The days of warmth and welcome reserved only for the new cars has extended to the used cars as well and these days it is being hailed as a smart decision to invest in a second hand car. Sometimes, this is viewed as a purchase fraught with risk, a genuine concern, but it is addressed beyond reasonable terms with a studied and professional approach. To simplify matters and reduce the risk component, it is essential to follow a check list for a trouble free purchase and going home with the satisfaction of making a worthwhile investment in automobiles. The second hand car industry in India has grown multi-fold and corporates are holding sway over the deals with their well-researched and value added service, thereby removing the pitfalls linked with involving a middleman or an agent. The following gives you a head start on the process of buying a second hand car in India in an authentic manner. Decide your budget Fixing up the amount you are ready to shell out for the prospective vehicle is the first step in buying a second car, though the same would be applicable for a new car too. Once you know the range you are looking for, it is easy to settle for the category of cars and brand. You can also determine the maximum age of the vehicles you are willing to buy to prevent potential troubles in the long run. When you have the budget in place, you could also thwart being enamoured by cars that might not fit into your range and thus avoiding being spoilt with options. Checking the car condition The topmost priority needs to be given to the condition of the prospective car and it needs to be in good running condition offering the best deal for your money. Have a trusted mechanic accompanying you and take the vehicle for a test drive to gauge its condition in real time and have the major systems like cooling, engine, transmission tested, not to miss out on the wheels. It helps you to ascertain the maintenance level of the car and save yourself from unnecessary repairs or faults in the future. A thorough check is always mandatory to ensure a fault free purchase. Registration Documents Verify the ownership of the car, by scrutinizing the vehicle documents in detail. Ensure whether all the dues, taxes have been paid in time by the owner. The seller needs to show you the original invoice and obtain a NOC from the car loan provider. The ownership of the vehicle takes effect only when you and the seller sign on the RTO Forms 29 and 30. Alongside, the seller of the car has to submit Form 28 which is the actual NOC for transfer of the vehicle ownership. Insurance Ascertain whether the car has been insured for the right amount in the policy as it is a useful yardstick in negotiations. Check the No Claim Bonuses in the past couple of years, as frequent claims simply imply the car being involved in accidents necessitating repair and maintenance. The insurance policy has to be transferred in your name or you need to buy a new policy in 14 days. The Convenience of car dealers Buying a second hand car from professional car dealers removes most of the problems from you baggage. The car dealer approach is by far the intelligent way of purchasing a second hand car as it involves the complete bundle of expertise and relieves you from the tiresome paper work. Their multiple quality checkpoint assessment offers a car as good as the new in terms of condition and be ready to be surprised by the guarantee most of them tend to offer. Carkideal is the best car dealers in Delhi NCR to get the best deal for the sell used car in New Delhi.