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  1. Dear Mr tejas, mr ramesh and Mr tanhyd. For years, I am struggling to get a practical vehicle with combined features of car and bike. I contacted lot of car / bike manufacturers. But no body bothered to reply me. Even contacted DCdesign, but no response. I have seen lot of innovation in west about such vehicles, but nothing in India. Every body here want to sell stupid useless cars to us, which is of no use in cities. I have seen some foreign vehicles like tango, lit motors, colibri, twizzy, lumeneo samera, toyota iroad, nissan single seater. But all cost us in crores and lakhs. In Indian market I have seen L1 and delight by some innovators. But all efforts gone away. Now looking forward to udo and bajaj ucar. Bajaj qute and nano are not something what we four need. Can we four and others with similar interest can do something about it. Lets all contact DCDESIGN. Lets we all order our own custom vehicle. Or kindly you all suggest your ideas. Warm regards Urt