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  1. Hey guys how is it going? this my first post in autocar india ,lets see how this goes,i have a pulsar 200ns 2014 edition ,i don't ride it that much because of my treacherous office timings so i opted for cab,and during the weekends i take it out for a ride,as weekend was nearing by was awaiting to go for a ride ,this incident happened when i was in besantnagar and it was around 7 pm when i reached the beach there ,i locked my bike and was having a good weekend with my friends ,when we returned back at 9 my bike was not there we tried our level best to search for it,the person who stole my bike did not know i had an GPS tracker installed in my bike ,one of my trusted friend suggested me this GPS tracker https://vamosys.com/ i dont want to brag about it,to keep it simple ,man!! i had installed this tracker four years ago and never used it ,i was being kind off skeptical when my bike was stolen because i know that my bike had GPS Tracker which i had installed 2 years ago i dont know whether it would work or not ,after some tries yes it worked without any hassle and could track where my bike is and the best part is i cut off the ignition through vamosys app ,me and friends went to the location and we could see him moving my bike we caught him and gave him a kind slap and handed over him to the police,i would suggest everyone to install an GPS tracker on their bike whatever the brand maybe it is a must .