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  1. This SUV from Mahindra is one of the most successful SUV in the market once. The demand of this SUV has decreased at very minor level. The performance & the luxurious feeling of this SUV has just boomed up the Indian market for more then 5 years.
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I thought that Maruti has already announced the date of launch for this SUV. I was not able to find any exact price or launch date details and so did I asked the same.
  3. I am not sure about this car from Maruti Suzuki and the details that I had found on some website doesn't seems to be authenticated. I just want to know brief of Maruti Suzuki Future S.
  4. I think the same as there is no reasons of launching new SUVs range in Indian market. Toyota is really going good in Indian market.
  5. Toyota already has two premium SUVs in the India market, one is Toyota Innova & the other is Toyota Fortuner . Both of them are quite successful and in demand as well. After having such a good demand in market why Toyota is launching another SUV range in India ?
  6. I got my first SUV and it is Tata Harrier. Can anybody just share the ownership review of their car so that I can share the review of Tata Harrier soon. I will rate it 8.5 out of 10.
  7. Sure Vikky, I will be sharing some details on the latest SUV and also discussing some important modification for SUV as well.
  8. Hey there, all the lovely members on this forum. I am an automobile consultant and love to read, write & suggest about cars & bikes anytime. Feel free to clear any of your doubts or queries.