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  1. my issue hs been solved!!
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a car and after quite a lot of back and forth with the wife, I have narrowed down to 2 variants - i10 Sportz and i20 Sports +. The dealer was insisting that Hyundai have now moved the "Asta" trim in i20 and are now calling it Sportz+ variant. My usage is going to be pretty low - up to about 500 kms per month with some (1 weekend a month) on the highways. I've heard pretty bad reviews about i20's mileage but given i10 has the same mileage (or at least in ballpark). The total on road price quoted is Rs 8.45 lakhs for i20 and Rs 7.40 lakhs for i10. The dealer said there were no discounts on i20 and about 20k in discounts on i10. Has anyone recently bought i20? Any thoughts on how the vehicle is? Any alternate suggestions for vehicles that I can buy? (budget 8 lakhs, I'm already stretching it to 8.45 because the wife fancies it) Thank you!