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  1. Well, that way every owner feels good about his/her car. But in this forum, there is more negative feedback about Skoda.
  2. Why is that Skoda is rated highly in customer satisfaction? (according to ACI)
  3. I haven't driven or owned any Skoda, but I think Skoda has got the pricing wrong for Fabia.And its not a car that can sell just by the brand name. With some more hatchbacks expected in the market, Skoda has to relook at their strategy.
  4. Fiat 500, nice little city car
  5. Fiat 500 and Bravo will be available in 3 months. These will come as CBUs so will be pricey. How will these cars do in India?
  6. I don't think this is going to be implemented. Banning diesel cars is not a correct solution. Just look at the how Europe is adopting diesel technology in small cars. Newer diesel cars are comparable or better than petrol cars as far as the emission standards are concerned. So the correct thing to do is 1. ensure unadulterated diesel is available 2. phase out older diesel cars which are the actual cause
  7. sept-oct 08$All/33CE4D318C3806C5652573CB0030DFA9?OpenDocument
  8. Hi, my first post here$All/33CE4D318C3806C5652573CB0030DFA9?OpenDocument According to this news, it seems Fiat is launching 4 new cars this year 500, Bravuo, Grande Punto and Linea. If that is true, its good news for those waiting for the release of Grande Punto (like me).