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  1. What an SUV. I am a recent owner, and everything Ford promised has been delivered with aplomb. I did not like the looks of the previous generation Endeavour, but the newest one really is a beast on the road and off it. I replaced the stock tyres with Apollo Apterra All Terrain Tyres, and have to say, the torque and performance off-road has gone up a few notches. Kudos to Ford and Apollo!
  2. Currently, I am using a pair of Apollo Alnacs on the rear wheels and Apollo Alnac 4Gs on the front wheels of my MS Swift VDi (late 2018 model). The performance on wet and dry surfaces is quite good and I have had no major puncture issues with the older Alnacs. Over the years, I have come to trust Apollo Tyres for delivering a cost-effective and performance-friendly experience. Even their entry-level tyres like the Amazer are great value for money. If you are changing tyres on an older Maruti, like the Zen or Alto (pre-facelift), these tyres can offer outstanding mileage.
  3. Apollo Alnac 4G is my recommendation. After looking up several brands and reviews, I bought a pair of Alnac 4G tyres for my 2016 Baleno’s front wheels. There was an immediate increase in ride quality and pulling power due to the superior grip offered by these tyres. Now I have the Apollo Alnac 4G on all four wheels of my car and I can say, it is the best tyre purchase I have ever made. The unique 4G pattern developed by Apollo Tyres is not only grippier but also disperses water more effectively than competing tread patterns. My friend’s MS Swift with same engine configuration has new Bridgestones and there is a marked difference in handling of our cars.
  4. I love the RE Bullet. I have personally owned 3 iterations of it and am glad that the brand keeps exploring new ideas even when facing tough competition from the Jawa bikes. However, one thing I would like to change in the stock bike is the tyre. The bike tyres which come with a hefty motorcycle like the Bullet do not inspire as much confidence on the road as they should. I have been using Apollo bike tyres on my Bullet 350 and the difference in ride and handling has been phenomenal when compared to the original ones. I am up for a tyre replacement soon and would love to hear some more recommendations for good Bullet tyres.
  5. This one looks quite a lot better than the Ertiga, especially the black accents overall and the carbon wheels. However, you will need high-performance tyres like the Apollo Alnac 4G if you want to get the most out of the powertrain. A big fan of the captain seats at the back. Maruti is surely upping the ante in the segment, the XL6 can be a much cheaper answer to the Innova even.
  6. The Apollo Amazer 4G Life is the best tubeless tyre for Santro if you are looking for mileage. The tyre is rated for a humongous 1 lakh kilometers. If you can even get 80% of the rated mileage, the investment is totally worth it. Plus, Apollo is an Indian car tyre brand and their tyres are optimized for the native road conditions. The Amazer 4G Life will also offer greater mileage on wet surfaces which can be very helpful when driving in the monsoon rains.
  7. Hi, friends, my name is Ritu Rawat form New Delhi and I am a new member of this forums.