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  1. I have a Wagon R 2006 Car. And it keeps on having starting problem on and off. I had got it checked in a Maruti Service center. I was told there is no issue of starting and the battery was to be changed. I changed the battery around 1.5 months back. It was running fine. Suddenly a week or 2 earlier it refused to start. Even after multiple tries. I recalled a previous situation around 2 yrs back. I remember on technician opening and shaking one particular plug then the car starts(pictue attached). I did the same it started. It happened twice in last 2 3 weeks. I did the same and it started with no trouble. However after starting the engine symbol on the dashboard glows, until i switch off the car and restart it again. The problem still persist. Thorough check did not throw any problem however this issue namaste keeps on coming after every few months. Any idea what it could be about. Attached the pictue below of the plug.