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  1. <p> Arrogate in Rasheed Wallace 40 points in defense of Knicks Like dummy circumstances, even if Su Haoyang firepower is fierce also has no avail. Zero to three, the Knicks have to accept this fact. Moment when the end of the game, Wilkins's face filled with pride, as if the championship is already waving to their general. But Wilkins has more than enough reason to believe that their team has marched into the finals, because the history of the NBA, nike nfl jerseys,but also not what a team can be a survivor in the conference finals zero three backwardness . Zero three means been eliminated, it has become a law of Three-game losing streak, even temper, no matter how good the New York media at the moment could not stand it. Although in theory Knicks also hope of promotion, but the Eastern Conference finals this time, the vast majority of people are no longer on the Knicks held out little hope. Even Barkley always liked to gamble foreign Fangchuhualai: "If it was also resolutely support the Knicks in the finals, I will be happy to bet with you!" Barkley such a big mouth on one side to fan the flames, the New York media nature is sparing no effort to fire bombers to Knicks body, and their artillery concentrated on like, the Knicks head coach Flip Saunders. In the eyes of the media in New York, Sanders is indeed a 'regular season' good coach, he led the team often played a good record in the regular season, but it is undeniable that his team never a to the Finals. "Maybe the Knicks with two coach!" New York Daily columnist Chris wrote in the article, and his words have also been recognized by many people. Although the Knicks able to obtain the results of the eastern part of the second regular season, Sanders contributed, but after all, just the regular season, team results achieved two wins and 86 in the regular season, and the final and total The championship, 85 two wins and there will not be much sense. As a footnote to this speech, the vacation this year has been ahead of the Mavericks naturally became the theme of the mouth of the opposite of Chris. Of course, Chris also own article mentioned that the Knicks went so far this year. Have been the first of many to unexpected even be eliminated on the Knicks, Coach Purses outlet,which is a successful and brilliant season. Chris remarks on the supporters of the New York team is undoubtedly a psychological relief, but has a good temper coach is furious when the story witnessed by Sanders, anxious to Chris this old guy to the dismemberment in order to understand their own heart of hate. Sanders say that they do not care about Chris what most he annoyed Chris remarks hair too is not the time. Knicks desperate right. But this is not equal to the Knicks has been eliminated home. Sanders was preparing for the players make drum and encouraging the view to be staged when the Jedi. This story has never another aspect to their players to convey the wrong message: you do not meaningless to struggling anyway is not a shame to lose! How could this not let Sanders angry? Mercilessly the newspaper in their hands fell to the floor, nfl jerseys authentic,Saunders stormed out of the door of the office, look not the color of Henan to see his team staff are afraid to say hello. Sanders is preparing to move towards the training field team places to perform day-to-day training, but when getting closer when he left the training hall door, his footsteps is getting slower and slower. Article damn reported that Sanders does not know the expressions and the way the face of their own players.