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  1. Turbo change

    Dear All, PL. Suggest for solution regarding the entry of oil in intercooler due to faulty turbo. Following is the history of my car.... At 28k I had given vehicle to MS service center with complaint of not getting average, at around 30k I changed service center, they did the egr cleaning, to some extent problem seem ok for another 1k, again problem persist so I took help of person outside service center, he identified issue with turbo charger, oil seen entered in intercooler, if next time same profile matches seen change turbo charger, at 67k I changed turbo charger, but again this issue resulted with oil entering intercooler, I want to know further action what should I take to overcome this issue.. In my life I will never go for Suzuki option who is selling car at lowest cost and earning same profit after sales in form of service centers...with low quality products... Regards, Keshav